The Least

The Least

 Klaksvík, Norðoyar, FRO


The Least was formed in January 2011 by Ingi, Johnny, Alvin and Hans Andrias. Ingi and Johnny had been playing together in WOK, which has been disbanded, and Hans Andrias and Alvin had been playing together in Credo, among other bands. Since there was not much musical activity in their lives, the 4 of them got together and formed The Least.
They started writing songs right away, and as soon as the first song was finished, they started recording it. At the start of April "Strong Like You" was released digitally on iTunes, Amazon and other music-selling sites. Only few months later they released 2 more songs, Wave of Wonder and Hope Will Find A Way.


Strong Like You (Single - Apr 2011)
Hope Will Find A Way (Single - May 2011)
Wave of Wonder (Single - June 2011)