The Least Of Your Worries

The Least Of Your Worries

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Least of Your Worries is three young, energetic entertainers, bestowed with talent beyond their years, channeling classic rock and pop to make something fun and fresh that will appeal to both young and old.


Only together a few months, this trio of gifted Nashville high school musicians has already made quite a splash. They just completed their first self-titled LP, “The Least Of Your Worries.” The most striking thing about this band, aside from their youth (the oldest member is 17), is the confidence, ease and authority with which they perform their deceptively simple original songs.
With a seasoned stage presence beyond their years, and an unforgettable signature vocal blend, their performance is infectious and fun. But it’s impossible to take them lightly. Combining influences spanning Buddy Holly, The Beatles, King Crimson, Cream, and R&B, they have a sound that honors the innovations and virtuosity of rock’s last 50 years, but points forward to the next wave of great music. It just might be theirs.


The Lest of Your Worries