The Leatherettes formed in Dundee, Scotland in 2005. Becca Bomb and Johnny Howl met at a nightclub in 2004 and with a shared passion and taste , soon decided they had to create some rock n roll of their own. They later would meet Duncan Destruction who now joins them on drums.

They released a 6 track split LP "Jet Black and Bleached" with Dirtblonde in May 2007 through indie label Filthy Little Angels.

The band are currently recording a new EP which will be released in 2009.


"scuzzy fuzzy rockers"
-Plan B Radio

"slice of punk action that mixes the rawness of late seventies NYC punk, the
attitude of late seventies UK punk, the psychdeleic fuzz-punk of Jesus and Mary
Chain and comes out winning."
-Andy G - Dead Earnest

"think Poison Ivy (The Cramps) fronting Suicide or an alloy of Erase Errata and
The Kills . This is dirty electro punk that pulses with urgency and youthful
energy and kicks you in the solar plexus like a young Bruce Lee."
-The Devil

"The Leatherettes have arrived to burn holes in your brain. The duo of Johnny Howl and singer Becca Bomb create stripped backed fuzzed up guitar noize. A mix of The Cramps and The Jesus And Mary Chain,
The Leatherettes are everything we need in music."
- Rick Fulton
The Daily Record


Shoot To Thrill

Written By: Becca Bomb

all dressed up and ready to go
im tired of waiting
i want to kill what i know
you've got a pistol
but i've got more

i want to hit the stars
i want to make some scars
i want to ride on the ride
that'll take me far

you got a pistol, i got a gun
you got a 45 youre not the only one
you got a pistol, you shoot to kill
i got a 45, i shoot to thrill yeah

i want to break it down
im running down the stairs
my lipstick and my gun
are falling in the air oh
im running faster now

faster than lightening now
i want to break down barriers
can you hear me falling?
i want to break down barriers

im gonna stomp around
the chains are off my legs
im breaking free of the 1-2-3-4
i never felt so free
im gonna grab you down

can you see the lies and the cries
and the highs?
can you hear me shouting
oh oh oh yeah!


Written By: Becca Bomb

i got taken from the snow
to a place i'll never know
gave my soul up to the crows
a twisted time where i could go

don't see that
what you gonna do cat
just crawl back
into your rat trap
mind black, smiling
into the asylum

they told me all about joe
told me all i need to know
fascination starts to grow
my medication was too low

devil nurse made me at home
with all the pills i'd ever owned
i travelled deep into my bones
reached the depths i'd never known


Telephone Wires - "Fresh Weird and Wonderful" compilation (Pistol Records) August 2007

Split mini album "Jet Black and Bleached" - May 2007

Free download - "Johnny Thunders EP" - June 2007
(Filthy Little Angels Records)