The Leathers

The Leathers

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We are The Leathers, in French its "Les Cuires". People say we remind them of the Beastie Boys, but with more choreography and costume changes.


In the hip-hop musical genre seldom does one come by two men who dance around on stage in leather garb giving each other high fives and hugs. Take time now to make a place for The Leathers. Hailing from suburban parts of both Ottawa and Toronto, Canada¬órappers Atherton & P Brain hit it off while attending Seneca College, taking courses on being successful independent musicians. The duo would become roommates a year later and purchased leather jackets at a vintage store nearby for $20. After realizing how cool they looked in their new attire they decided to start wearing these jackets on stage. Stage lighting made them look even cooler and all the girls swooned - The Leathers were born.

United by a tireless work ethic, The Leathers have been taking stages by the balls nonstop since February 2007. Building on the idea that two is better than one, the combined efforts of rappers Atherton and P Brain typically culminate in a raunchy and theatrical performance that turns the party out every time. Their alternative antics have led them to festival showcases including CMW and NXNE, bookings on eclectic bills from punk rock to electro, shows with talented music makers SUBTLE, PROTEST THE HERO, BROTHER ALI and SAGE FRANCIS and tours with hip-hop greats PRINCE PO and CUNNIN LYNGUISTS. The duo just completed a coast to coast, 50 market tour through the US and Canada and are now preparing for a feature performance at The Canadian Music Festival and the official release of their self-titled album on March 16, 2010.


The Leathers (LP) 2009
The Leatherz (demo) 2008

Set List

15-60 minutes of original music and choreography.

DJ sets available as well.