The Led Zeppelin Experience
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The Led Zeppelin Experience


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"The Led Zeppelin Experience concert"

"This is the powerful Zeppelin in their prime, The Experience look; sounds, and feels like Zeppelin, simply breathe taking" - Showbiz Magazine

"The Led Zeppelin Experience concert"

A spot on portrayal to Led Zeppelin I have ever seen." - Washington Post

"The Led Zeppelin Experience"

"The best show of its kind...ever!" - New York Examiner

"Led Zeppelin Experience sells out the"

"Shined just like the Led Zeppelin on the strip" - Las Vegas Sun Times:

"Zep Experience delivers"

"A must see...the most amazing Zeppelin show out there!" - CBS News New York:


The Led Zeppelin Experience "Live In Concert"



The Zed Zeppelin Experience, a historically accurate performance, a trip to the past, stellar musical performance maintaining true to the original concerts that have become legendary. In 1968, Jimmy Page along with Peter Grant would put together the band that would change musical history; forever. The group of musicians that assembled that would become Led Zeppelin would be the perfect storm. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and the late John Bonham; four musicians of equal contributions would go on to create some of the most innovative and historically important music of the 20, and 21st century. Zeppelin did more than release albums that were creative, innovative, and pure rock nirvana, but would set the course for generations of artist to this day. Their influence on modern music today is undeniable; their influence can be heard in almost every genra of music to this day. Regardless if you’re a fan or not, Zeppelin is a force in music that can not be ignored.
The Concerts:
During the 12 years that Zeppelin was active, their concerts became legendary; events. No two concerts were ever the same. Like true artist, they pushed the limits of musical performance to the edge. Experimenting with arrangements live; on stage; they ushered in the era of arena rock concerts selling out stadiums not only across America, but in Europe and Asia and Australia. They had become more successful than anyone would have ever imagined, they were, and are still to this day a global phenomenon.
It is this that “The Zed Zeppelin Experience” concentrates and focuses on; the concerts. More than the music, the image, the mannerisms and the look; at a “Led Zeppelin Experience” concert you don’t have to close your eyes to feel as if you’re at a Zeppelin concert. Vintage gear, clothing, and a carefully choreographed show that is accurate to the point of accuracy that has been rehearsed for months. You will believe that you are in 1975, in the audience of one of the greatest rock concerts ever performed, a Led Zeppelin concert.
The sights and the music are back.
The cast of The Led Zeppelin Experience:
Kevin Slover:Jimmy Page
Chris O'Loughlin: Robert Plant
Scott Ryno Rynerson: John Paul Jones
David Blampied: John Henry Bonham

This project, The Led Zeppelin Experience, has been years in the making. Putting together a project of this magnitude, with an emphasis on talent as well as image is a huge undertaking. There were basically two areas of criteria that had to be accomplished; one finding four musicians with the musical ability to pull of playing Zeppelin material with a passion. As popular as Led Zeppelin is among thousands of musicians, this would seem to be easier than it really was to do. Finding a great musician who could play bass and keyboards might seem to be easy to find, but until you start looking you realize what a rare commodity this really is. Not only did this cast have to be musicians of the highest caliber of talent, but everyone in the band had to be “fans” of the music; and be able to perform the catalog of music with passion. And second, the cast member would have to have some sort of resemblance to the original member of Led Zeppelin.
Thus the search for the cast began. Not surprisingly every cast member of TLZE has been in at least one or more Led Zeppelin “tribute” act before. It was just a matter of getting them all in one room at the same time and start rehearsing.
Both Kevin Slover, and David Blampied had been in Zeppelin project together and separately; as well as Chris O’laughlin.

All cast members in The Led Zeppelin Experience are seasoned professional musicians, from studio session work to live performances. In order to achieve the high standards set for this show the cast had to work on not only performing Led Zeppelin’s live material, but careful emphasis was placed on stage choreography the emulated Led Zeppelin; the mannerisms, vintage clothing from the era, as well as vintage instruments and gear. At a “Led Zeppelin Experience” show, you won’t have to close your eyes to think you’re in 1977, at a Led Zeppelin concert.

The Material:
There is no “greatest hits” Led Zeppelin album; TLZE plays material from all Led Zeppelin’s catalog; even performing songs that Zeppelin they rarely or never played live. The focus of the show is on the live performance, Zeppelin’s concerts have become legendary and it is the best of their performances that TLZE re-enacts on stage, along with a state of the art light show the show is absolutely stellar.