The LeFevre Quartet

The LeFevre Quartet


Second generation of one of the oldest, most awarded and respected family names in the world of gospel music.


The LeFevre name is legendary in nearly every field of gospel music there is. The original LeFevres (Alphus, Urias and Eva Mae) were pioneers in Southern Gospel music with a successful career that spanned nearly six decades before retiring in the mid 1970's. Then in the 80's Mylon LeFevre, son of Urias and Eva Mae rocked the contemporary Christian music scene with overwhelming success. While Mylon was making his mark on contemporary Christian music, his cousin Mike LeFevre was building a strong following in southern gospel music, singing with groups such as the Singing Americans, Brian Free and Assurance and the award winning, Gold City. Today, Mike has selected a group of singers that not ony appeal to the legendary southern roots of gospel, but whose soulful style is gaining momentum with the contemporary/praise and worship crowds that once filled arenas to see Mylon. This group guys known as The LeFevre Quartet, are using their talents and mass appeal to glorify God, Ministering to churches and winning the lost of Christ.


The LeFevres Quartet - Legacy
The Mike LeFevre Quartet Requests Volume I
The Mike LeFevre Quartet Requests Volume II

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