The Legendary Clampetts

The Legendary Clampetts

 Springfield, Illinois, USA

We're a 'heavy americana' band. We write songs that are hook filled, loud and full of great guitar riffs. Our music is intelligent, dance-able, fresh and yet; as we've been told 'seems very familiar and full of memories already'.


The Legendary Clampetts officially formed in June of 2010.

First and foremost, we're music fans ourselves, we know that entertainment dollars are hard to part with....and if you're gonna ask someone to part with their hard earned money, you better give 'em everything you got.

We're constantly seeking new ways to reach our friends and fans. We're actively exploring new ways that we can 'share' our music and our lives with everyone out there that puts them in more control and makes them a partner in the bands activities and actions.

Over the past year and a half we've done over 100 shows, self produced and released an EP 'Keep The Faith Ya Filthy Animals'. Which gained the attention of Grammy Award Winning Engineer Mike Swittel, who's mastering our first full length Digital Album 'Meet Me In Perdition'.

We've played all over the midwest as well as the midsouth, major cities include St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, and Indianapolis. We've shared show bills with The Pimps, Dory Drive, Revis, Deny the Gravity, Mindset Evolution just to name a few.


Keep The Faith Ya Filthy Animals - EP 2010
Riot In The Hospital - single 2010
Chelsea Sunday - single 2011
All That Glitters - single 2011

Set List

Our set list varies depending on the venue and show bill.

We do anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minute sets.