The Legendary RT and Sredni

The Legendary RT and Sredni

 Montebello, New York, USA
BandBluesClassic Rock

We play original music and blues from the 12th (The Cuckoo Song) to the 22nd century (totally new)! We cover iconic tunes by Joe Cocker, The Beatles, Sam the Sham, Jimmy Reed. And we rock out and jam on other tunes. We also cover Dylan, The Beatles, The Dead, The Rolling Stones...

Band Press

Debut in NYC – Jonathan Slaff

The Legendary RT and Sredni debut in NYC at Cin-M-Art Space 43

A Gem – Reverb Nation

CLIFFORD BABCOCK: I really dig your material. I'm just an ol' midwestern boy but these songs give me the NYC sense as I perceive it. It's great to discover such a gem in the much overworked field of the music industry. I would luv ta

Southern Pearls – Reverb Nation

SOUTHERN PEARLS: hey there, I may be country but i LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I could listen to this all night thank you so much... Nov 18

RT, The Legendary Arthur Hine – Reverb Nation

Arthur Hine, aka RT, has been a quiet background influence in American recorded music for over 40 years. Along the way he had a record company (Armtrac Records), managed one of the greatest unknown bands in history (Sneaky Cookin’), and wrote songs for various artists, such as Howie Wyeth and Marianne Faithful. Nothing seemed to ever gel with his ironic lyrics, catchy tunes and off beat rhythms. A living legend and world renowned harmonica player, Woodstock artist Sredni Vollmer co-wrote and recorded the Philadelphia International hit song "No-Tell Motel" with Don Covey. He has recorded with Leslie West (Mountain), Rick Danko, Kinky Freedman, Colin Linden and many others. Sredni performed on stage with The Band, Hot Tuna, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and Bob Dylan, and has been a member of groups like the Woodstock Mountains Revue and Sunshine and the Flashbacks. "

Rick Danko's Harp Player – Sqidoo

Sredni Vollmer
Rick's Longtime Loyal--and Very Talented--Sideman
Anyone who followed Rick's career--and especially those who attended his live shows--in the '80s and '90s will remember Sredni Vollmer. For a good part of both decades, Sredni accompanied Rick--and sometimes The Band as well--as both a harmonica player and a backup/harmony singer.

If you were fortunate enough to have seen Rick and Sredni as a duo--a very frequent configuration-- you may remember Sred as highly animated, sometimes almost visually comical in his delivery--contorting his slim-as-a-whip body every which way as he found notes on that harp some of us didn't even know existed, long hair disheveled, eyes closed, one eyebrow raised as he belted out "Little Red Rooster" or "Walkin' Blues" while Rick happily accompanied him with his stacatto acoustic Tock-a-Meanie guitar, smiling from ear to ear as he watched Sredni channeling Joe Cocker.

I've always felt that Sredni's musicianship was underrated; he may have been, in some ways, a musical Tonto or Robin (though, somehow, I can't see Rick as a musical Lone Ranger or Batman), but he was so much more. Rick knew that and he appreciated it. And so did the audience. It was not unusual for fans to shout "SRED-NEE!" in between the many calls of "DANK-OH!!"--he had his own legion of fans.

Of all the musicians who accompanied Rick in a supportive capacity over the years, I think Sredni was one of the most talented, perhaps the most versatile, and definitely the most humble. Not only was he a great player, he also was secure enough in his own musicianship to play in a way that let Rick really shine. There was no ego trip. He was happy to take the "back seat," though Rick never treated him as a "passenger."

Rick talked about Sredni often in interviews, telling the world, in his goofy Rick Danko way, "he sounds just like an aviary."

Their on-stage rapport was a true give-and-take; as I've said before, Sred knew when to come on strong or take a solo, when to ride, when to hold back. He had an intuitive knack for knowing just where Rick was gonna go musically or vocally at any given moment--no easy task--and he just went for that ride so effortlessly.

Whenever I think of Sredni, I smile. If you haven't heard Rick with Sredni backing him, try to find some audio or video. You'll smile, too.