The Legislators

The Legislators

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Not ones to follow the beaten path, The Legislators deliver music that will inspire a long-overdue movement within hip-hop. Armed to the teeth with hard-hitting lyrical content and razor sharp production, The Legislators are ready for the coup d'etat on todays music.


Hailing from the Tri-State area The Legislators is a group of outspoken, unique, and conscientious artists that presents a progressive and provocative message to music. The Legislators, who met each other while attending college, consists of three MC’s: Deuce Cameo, Mic Doc, and Royale.

As their friendship grew, each Legislator began to see the other’s taste in music, which had similarities and differences from each individual. With Hip-Hop being their main influence they began composing and producing their own music together and seasoning their skills.

With the climate of the world on "pins and needles" The Legislators’ music brings to light the plights of life, the revolutionary spirit, entertainment and awareness that coincide with life as we know it.


Weapons of Mass Destruction