The Legwork

The Legwork


Rad Rock from the puke stenched ballrooms of Chicago. These songs are screaming with hope, desperation, and a little bit of bitterness. From feelings of needing someone/something so bad you go insane to accusing someone of crushing your dreams and calling them on it and everything in between.


This is a band of fellows who have infiltrated the Chicago rock scene with hopes of delighting rock fans of all kinds. The Legwork was formed in early 2006 and the idea was to create songs that make you sing along and stay in your head for days on end.

After years of life in and out of Chicago's rock scene three veterans of rock decided to add a little pop to their lives and form The Legwork. The band's ultimate philosophy is to write catchy, hooky songs about everyday topics that everyone can relate to. Simple, fun, heart-filled rock. Most all of the songs came directly out of a personal journal and are about real life situations. Situations that are laughable now, but at one time were very much real. The beauty of this band is their charisma and the way their songs take on like wildfire.

All members of The Legwork have been involved with other bands in the Chicagoland area. Don formerly of Silt and Mary Ellis, Jason formerly of Velvateen and Silt & Rob formerly of Blaked and Silt. They have had the opportunity to work with major label projects and also play along with many major label acts.

One of the first shows for the Legwork was at the Double Door in Chicago for the International Pop Overthrow. The music was more than welcomed.....

The Legwork are currently recording an ep to be released mid-summer. The demo's have gotten an unbelievable response via Now it's time to release the real deal.