The Lemmings

The Lemmings


A blend of acoustic rock and out-there electronic textures. Anyone who likes to listen to catchy songs with a much deeper sense of meaning will enjoy this album.


The Lemmings are a rock band from Pretoria, South Africa, formed in December 1995 with Abri van Straten - singer/songwriter and Ludwig Bouwer – bassist.

Two new members are Warren Bruckmann on drums and Brian Hodge on keyboards. The intricate drums and effects-drenched bass line-up is augmented by a classical guitar and swirls of electronics and piano which gives the group its unusual sound and sensitivity. The music has been described as "fluid and poetic" creating a new space in today's arena.
The Lemmings have done several national tours in South Africa and two tours of the UK and Sweden. In total, the band has played far over one thousand shows.
The new album "...imperceptible shift in the light...": After a short (four-year) break, they're back! One of the truly original bands in South Africa. A blend of acoustic rock and out-there electronic textures. Anyone who likes to listen to catchy songs with a much deeper sense of meaning will enjoy this album.

"We are motivated by the present situation on Earth and our position in it. Music can bring hope and create the feeling of a future worth living. Art is really all people have today. An appreciation of beauty. One of our biggest sources of inspiration is the following quote: "A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists." – L. Ron Hubbard.

Abri Van Straaten - With a Swedish mother and a famous South-African writer-poet as a father, Abri grew up in the beauty of Cape Town, South Africa. On his mother’s side, the heritage of a famous aunt Karen Blixan, about whose life the film "Out of Africa" was made, as well as his Swedish grandfather’s influence on him in terms of aesthetics and design, made for a rich childhood.
"When I was nine years old, I heard The Byrds play 'Tambourine Man' and was stunned by the beauty of this. I decided to spend my life doing the same thing. I wanted to write great songs that stood on their own for all time.
Early inspiration was folk writers like Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel. Later on Pink Floyd and The Police.
I studied classical guitar up to grade 8 and after school completed a four year music degree. I have found my own voice combining rock music with the individuality of the classical guitar. My vision is the creation of beauty."

Ludwig Bouwer - Ludwig was born into a family where performing arts were encouraged. His father, a respected architect, as well as a mother who had studied literature and drama gave him a good appreciation for the fine arts.
"I was raised on 70s pop/rock. I started formal piano training at age six and took up bass and songwriting at age thirteen. In 1992 I joined legendary singer, Joe Blu, in a blues-rock group which appeared on national television three times in two years. My influences include Pink Floyd, Tori Amos, Journey, Sting and Soundgarden, to name a few. In 1995 I was introduced to Abri and his music. I absolutely loved Abri's songwriting and guitar playing.

We became good friends (mainly out of a mutual interest in philosophy and conspiracy theories!), and realised that we shared the same vision of creating an acoustic rock band based around strong songwriting and a classical guitar as lead instrument.
My music philosophy? An artist creates futures for all humankind, and if the artist is truly honest, it should be respected - as long as the artist takes responsibility for his or her message."

Warren Bruckmann - Warren played drums for legendary bands The Cuban Doctors (- a Dire Straits Tribute Band) and 5X, before joining The Lemmings. He is not only a brilliant drummer but also a true humanitarian, conducting human rights-missions into Africa and contributing hugely to several betterment groups.

Brian Hodge - Brian met The Lemmings during the 90’s and was immediately enthralled with their unique sound and musical arrangements. “I saw them perform and immediately made a decision that one day there might be an opportunity to join and work together on new material. Incredible how the universe gives you want you want.”

Brian played in a variety of bands during the 80’s and 90’s and established himself as a special event producer, travelling and staging special events in Europe, the USA, Canada and Africa. “My musical influences are wide and diverse and includes the likes of Chopin, Billy Joel, Journey, Bach, Supertramp and Pink Floyd.”

“One of the greatest gifts mankind has been given is art. We dream, we create, we communicate and shift viewpoints through art, its wonderful.”


Previous releases

1997: Live Space

"Everyone knows" that you cannot record a killer live album in one night. Oh yeah? Then "Live Space" released in 1998 must be a figment of our imaginations! But seriously, recorded in one night, in front of 800 people - we had a really good time.

Audience demand for a recording was so strong that the band had to record an album. They were approached by several record companies in South Africa, but decided not to sign to a local company. Instead, the band produced a self-released concert CD "Live Space" (released January 1998), which is still selling well.

1999: CD Single "Hollow People"
The Lemmings recorded the single "Hollow People" which had its video featured on national television in South Africa as well as on the Pepsi World Chart Show in SA.

July 2000: Until Zen

'2000 saw the release of the 10 track 'Until Zen' as a thanks to their fans before leaving for Europe. The album, another self-produced project, captures the band in its purest, non-complicated form. With a minimal of studio tweaking, "Until Zen" was recorded in seven days and is a perfect representation of The Lemmings as they sound in an intimate setting. The year 2000 saw the release of "Until Zen", which marked the first of the band's studio albums. It was also showcased in the UK and Sweden on a 6 week tour.

Set List

Count the Stars
Everybody's Beautiful
Zen Flower
Suburban Island Ways
House of Souls
Crazy Little Spider
Islands / Big planets / Lighthouses
Gardens of Sand