The Lemurs

The Lemurs


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Coming up at a time when the dance-rock wave was reaching its crest, the Lemurs initially drew comparisons to Bloc Party, The Faint, Franz Ferdinand, and the Killers. But for every synth melody or dance beat employed, the Lemurs find a counterbalance of raw, driving guitar and frenetic rhythm that imbues their music with a crackling atmospheric sheen and anxious intensity. The result is a fast paced, layered sound-scape that owes as much to the pop lushness of My Morning Jacket as to the broader explorations of Television. With an interest in sustained instrumental sections, the Lemurs experiment with traditional pop arrangements, often using the chorus and dominant melodic section as a rejoinder to the larger thematic implications of their music.

Bassist Justin Mosley and drummer Danny Reisch keep the rhythm section in order while lead guitarist/keyboardist Davy Click crafts a live sound that falls somewhere between howling feedback and ethereal arpeggiation (lots of knob twiddling, button poking, and pedals – lots of pedals). Keyboardist Josh King sustains the sonic energy with two keyboards and a theremin-inspired sampler, and singer Mitch Billeaud leads the band with a dynamic and emotive voice occasionally channeled through a vocoder.

This Austin based five piece formed in late 2004 at the TX State School of Music and soon entered the teeming Austin music scene. In support of their eponymous 2006 EP, the Lemurs embarked upon a string of regional tours which culminated in licensing a number of songs to NBC, Toyota, and various film projects in the US and Australia. With regular radio play from Austin's alternative station, 101X, the Lemurs have quickly gained local and regional notoriety, garnering enough attention to support the recent Stars show on the celebrated Stubb's outdoor stage. Local music and entertainment television station, ME TV, recently telecast the Lemurs 2nd ME Live! performance, and with a bevy of new songs recorded, the Lemurs will independently release some of the material on a 7" vinyl with plans to finish recording their first full length effort by year's end.


The Lemurs (s/t) 2006 EP

- "My Definition" Added to regular rotation on KROX 101x (Austin)

- "They Do What They Like" Licensed to NBC's "Las Vegas"

- "They Do What They Like" Licensed for AU movie "Newcastle."

- "My Definition" Licensed to Toyota for Yaris web campaign

- "They Do What They Like," and "No Net" Licensed for Indie Film "7 Seconds on the Freeway."

Set List

45-60 mins