The Leonards

The Leonards

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Originally from Detroit, the power of The Leonards brand of rock can be sensed with the opening four chord riff in "She Said Goodbye." Their musical diversity spans from knockdown, dragout rock to country-blues. The Leonards were just heard on ABC's Ugly Betty.


The Leonards play rock and roll, similar to Kings of Leon, but with an edge reflecting their love of The Rolling Stones, The Who, Beat Farmers, the Velvet Underground, and the MC5.

Drummer Nick played with Mary's Danish performing on "Don't Crash the Car Tonight." Most of the players are originally from Detroit. Regulars of the LA music scene, their music has been played by Rodney On The Rock, KROQ, KXLU, KCRW, Joe Benson, and heard nationally on college radio.

The Leonards are straight forward rock and roll. Which brings us back to the Michigan thing. There must be something diesel in the air or polluted in the water because bands from their neck of the woods play with a certain panache that reminds you that the Stooges and MC5 were playing punk way before '76. The Leonards image is more of an anti-image, they just want to rock.

Recent artists The Leonards played with:
Red Lightning
Groovy Rednecks
Pat Todd and The Rank Outsiders

Past artists The Leonards played with:
The Muffs, Sid Griffin, Dave Alvin, Peter Case
Bash & Pop, Rosie Flores, Food for Feet
The Sterilles, Red Lightning, The Pandoras
The Rave Ups, Mary's Danish, Tommy Stinson
Peter Holsapple, The Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate
The Beat Farmers, Pigmy Love Circus,
Thelonious Monster, The Pontiac Brothers
The Groovie Ghoulies, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Recent News:
The Leonards version of
"Left In The Dark" was heard
on an episode of UGLY BETTY.


The Leonards: Garage Sale
The Leonards: Blister
The Leonards: Self Titled EP Vinyl
Raji's: Beer Wine and Good Food Vol 1
LA One KROQ Compilation
Shreds Volume One

Set List

Up to two hours of originals with covers.