The Leo Project

The Leo Project


A cutting edge fusion of Rock, Metal and Blues. The Leo Project has been touring consistantly throughout the Midwest to rave reviews over the last two years. The band has recently opened for Godsmack and Papa Roach. TLP have been featured on the cover of the KC Star and on Fox News.


The Leo Project brings a unique sound to the music scene. The band is led by the soulfull vocals of Tyler Lyon. Lyon has built a reputation for being one of the best vocalists in the MIdwest. TLP walks the line between hard rock, metal and mainstream hits. The bands influences are a diverse list that includes the likes of Van Halen, Staind, Sevendust and Killswitch Engaged.

The Leo Project have recently finished their 2nd Cd tentatively titled "Every Song Reminds Me..." The record was produced by acclaimed Producer Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones).

The CD shows the bands ability to create a hybrid of Rock Metal and blues into their own sound. The band's live show continues to bring in new fans with every gig. The Leo Project revolution has begun!


Better Days

Written By: Tyler Lyon

Sit down child I'll tell you a story/Whatever you do just pleas edon't cry/all these things are trueI say and do are just for you/and I want tyou to know that /I couldnt sleep without you, breathe without you by my side/ to tell me its alright/and I will take your pain away and carry on to better days/and I have seen this memory fade/if I can make it throught the day/seeing faith can take you so far, but it's you alone that walks to that ledge/but in knowing in your heart of hearts,did you know that it's your fnal stepbut seeing premonitions,fleeting visions,telling me to take that final step.


The Burning: Special Edition

Set List

Latest setlist includes the following:
Learn To Carry On
Without The Sunshine
Broken Wings
Half As Good
The Burning
He Always Was
Predicting The Rain
In Your Memories