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Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"Ryan Potesta Speaks on Working in Studio with The Less"

"I've sat in on the creative process with these guys for a long time now and their maturity in songwriting never ceases to amaze me. They always stress making sure songs are perfectly complete. That's what makes me believe that they will be doing this for a long time." - Magnets and Ghosts

"Ed Roland's Reason for Partnering with The Less"

"From the moment I heard that first demo of 'The Change,' I knew The Less was a band that had what it takes to make it big. I love working with those guys." - El Music

"Randy Jackson's Take on New Atlanta Band"

When asked why he selected The Less' cornerstone track "Feel" for the recently released movie The Jenson Project, Randy Jackson said, "'Feel' is one of my favorite new songs that nobody's heard...yet." - NBC and Proctor and Gamble

"Quote from Fred Croshal on The Less"

"The Less are an incredible band with passionate songs of life and strong live performances." - Croshal Entertainment Group

"Athens band breaks through thanks to Collective Soul"

It is not often that a young band gets a leg up in the music industry from one of their childhood heroes.
The Less are one of those rare bands.
The process of making their newest album began after the band made a very important fan in Collective Soul frontman, Ed Roland.
“I got a call from our manager saying ‘Ed Roland wants to go to dinner,’” said Adam Courtney, lead vocalist. “Next thing I know, I’m on a plane to Minneapolis to go hang out with Collective Soul for a few days.”
Apparently the trip went well, The Less currently have a production contract with Roland’s company, EL Music Group.
After attempting to balance being students, having jobs and being in a band, The Less came to the conclusion that multi-tasking is very difficult in the world of rock n’ roll.
“In order to really give this band the best shot possible, we realized we had to fully commit to it and just go all in,” said Zac Harrison, lead guitarist. “We’re living together and working on music all the time.”
This quintet — including singer/guitarist Adam Courtney, guitarists Kyle Deloach and Zac Harrison, bassist Michael Harrison and drummer Paul Rogers — has been playing around Athens off-and-on for the last five years and is heavily influenced by the guitar bands of the 1990s.
“We are really just straight-forward pop/rock,” Harrison said. “We’re always trying to be melody-driven while trying to stay raw.”
That sound is reflected on “Lights,” an album that has been a long time coming.
“We have been working on this record for about two years,” Courtney said, pausing. “Unfortunately.”
A series of studio changes and production delays made the recording process take a long time.
However, the band said, the time between sessions allowed certain songs on the album to come into their own.
“It was good to let it marinate,” Harrison said. “We try to really make a song as best and complete as we can before we move on to another one.”
The guys are excited to incorporate the new recordings into their live shows that they take very seriously.
“We don’t want it to be us just playing through the tracks,” Harrison said. “We’re trying to create a deeper connection with the music when you see it live.”
“Lights” will be available exclusively to people who come to their album release party before it is released online and in stores at a later date.
“We’re going to give a record to everyone who comes in the door,” said Courtney.
They will also be doing a high quality video recording of the entire show.
“The guys who did our music video are going to come and film it,” said Courtney. “We’re trying to show people what we can do.”
As far as the near future is concerned, The Less plan on hitting the road — hard.
“We want to play as much as we can,” said Courtney. “Our goal is to be gone all the time.”
The distant future is unknown, although the band remains optimistic.
“We want to be always progressing and always feeling good about the next step,” said Harrison. “It’s not about the money, that’s not what this band is about — we just want to be as big as our music allows us to be.” - Red and Black - University of Georgia campus newsletter


Lights (available on iTunes soon)
The Less EP:
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The Less is a 5-piece Pop/Rock band based in Athens, Georgia. Singer/guitarist/occasional pianist Adam Courtney, guitarists Kyle DeLoach and Zac Harrison, and bassist Michael Harrison have been playing music together since they were in high school, later adding close friend and drummer Paul Rogers to round out the quintet.

Having previously worked with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel, All Time Low, The Fold) for their debut album, Loud Machines, The Less enlisted the help of producer and Collective Soul frontman Ed Roland to produce their new full-length album entitled "Lights." "Lights" has been warmly received by audiences and industry personnel alike. American Idol judge and producer Randy Jackson selected the cornerstone track, "Feel", for the soundtrack of the NBC film The Jensen Project (July 2010).

The Less are currently booking tour dates across the Southeast in support of their new release.