The Less Lonesome

The Less Lonesome


Since 2004, The Less Lonesome has been found around Boston belting out their eclectic blend of rock melodies, tempestuous to tender, and trashing up lovely old folk tunes. The band hopes to find itself in many new and charming places soon, perhaps in your favorite bar or motor lodge.


We hail from the backwater of Appalachia, the swamps and strip malls of central Florida, LA by way of Belgrade, and our current hometown of Boston. Our self-released debut, "Patience Darling Patience", a 5-song EP, came out in 2005.

We are currently at work on our debut album, titled "Life Among the Cantibrigians". Our good friend Adam Garland of the Gulf is producing. It will be self-released on June 10 at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA.


Debut LP-
Life Among the Cantibrigians
To be released June 10, 2006

Demo EP -
Patience Darling Patience
released June 7, 2005
available at

Set List

Typical set 40-60 mins.

2 sets of live material.

Original Songs: Genetown USA, I'm Missing a Memory but It Looks Like This, No Reason, Mediate, Right Right, Six Pack, Conversation about God, Beancounter 2.0, A Culture of Great Imagination, I'm Fine, Bar at the End of the World, The Story Ends at Sunset, Good Folks, Chasing Demons, Waste of Time, The Commercial, Bell Ringing, Tree Tops Over Parking Lots

Covers: Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley, Goodnight Irene-Leadbelly/traditional, All the World Was Green-Tom Waits, Hoist that Rag-Tom Waits, Theologians-Wilco, Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin