The Let's Go Steadies

The Let's Go Steadies


The Let's Go Steadies say, "Booya!"


After being tossed around the Atlanta music scene for a few years, singer/songwriter Davis Bacon got fed up with the drama that tends to follow local acts around. He began writing and recording songs in his bedroom studio and aimed for a post-rock, American Football-ish, type sound. After writing and writing, all that he could cork out (much to his frustration) were quick pop songs full of melody and hooks. Finally realizing that he should just stick to pop-rock, he recorded the first EP, Pagers and Fax Machines, under the name The Let's Go Steadies. Bacon later summoned the help of long-time friend Cameron Bishop, and the two are currently working on the much anticipated full length due out in Spring of 2007. A cross country tour is also in the works for 2007, as the band starts to develop and find its own niche in the Atlanta scene.


Pagers and Fax Machines EP (2006)

Set List

As of now, we play an acoustic set lasting about 35 minutes. In the beginning of 2007, we will convert to non-acoustic shows.