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"The Levings"

The Levings confess, in their rather impressive looking and individually styled press pack, that, as a band, they are still in their infancy. Well, there's evidence here that they're actually pretty much together already and there's just a few minor 'issues' that may need sorting.

The Levings bring individual influences to the musical table and this three track demo shows the diversity that those varied influences have brought about; they profess to be an 'indie/pop/rock' outfit and from what's on offer here I hear mainly 'indie/pop' - some pretty decent, thoughtfully composed, maybe just bordering on 'light-rock', songs and stylish and pretty nifty instrumentation that seems to build around some great 'twangin' bass lines bulked out by sympathetic keyboards, scissor-sharp guitars and solid percussion. So far, so good then!!

The Levings have put together a very workmanlike demo here. I'm not totally sold on the finished mix/production but in the main it all works more than adequately. As a demo it should prove to be a pretty good investment coz as an introduction to the band it's got some tantalising qualities; as I listen, The Levings are winning me over even if they're not totally blowin' me away. Some of the short-comings of this demo seem to me to lie in the mix/production area and that can be quite easily remedied. And, if I'm gonna be critical which I think is the reason The Levings sent me this work, I'd have to say that some of the vocals sound a bit 'down-sized'; it's as if the vocalist can't quite let go of his inhibitions or doesn't believe, wholeheartedly, in his abilities. What this demo lacks is some 'mighty oomph' - some of that can come from 'engineering' but some also needs to come from 'the voice'!

The Levings impressed me with this demo - there's a very small margin between getting it right and just missing - The Levings should try to address that miniscule margin and I'm sure they'll then benefit from any soul-searching and effort they choose to put in. The Levings show they've got the talent - now I think they've just gotta believe in themselves and 'let go' a bit.

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (

- Toxic Pete

"Bluesbunny Live Review - Barrowlands Glasgow"

"From Bluesbunny's experience of bands from Livingston, something loud and brash was expected but this 5 piece band were altogether more laidback with Colin Baxter's confident vocals shining through on songs like "Daylight Breaking" and the sublime "Quiet Town" - Bluesbunny

"Demo Review"

Bridging the gaps between twangy modern folk, hearty Britpop and pristine ‘80s sparkle like a ten-legged pair of comfy cords, Livingston quintet The Levings are all about putting a new spin on classic styles. This is an ep of clever songs, smartly played. An ep of quiet moments, massive choruses and lots of lovely piano bits.

The first of which is the juggernaut riff that powers "Fundamental." Like Phil Spector on a budget, everything's pumped up to 11 on a swaggering groove that has all the showy attitude of classic Ocean Colour Scene or "Just When You're Thinking Things Over" era Charlatans. Frontman Colin Baxter's vocal feels understated amid this steamroller of noise, but it makes things all the more personal as we pan out into big wide power chords. Strident and stirring, this is a tune that slaps you in the face like a bleach and cappuccino cocktail.

"Daylight Breaking" shows a far more sensitive side as acoustic jangles and shuffling drums evoke the blokey sensitivity of Wonderwall. Although, overall the delicate melody and sparing instrumentation have the clean, elegant feel of ‘80s brainiacs like Tears For Fears or Talk Talk. Closing number "Quiet Town" is just as simple, but it has the rough-hewn emotions of more up-to-date acts such as King Creosote or Elbow. It's a piano-led ballad that does a nice line in moodiness and shows that there's more to The Levings than big noises and epic choruses. They do large and loud well, but they're just as interesting at this more subtle level. Life, as they say, is like a box of chocolates and The Levings certainly know how to serve up a soft-centred caramel alongside a chunky nut cluster.


Fundamental, Daylight Breaking and Quiet Town currently available at and xfmuploaded/thelevings

The Levings tracks are currently receiving airplay on -

XFM Scotland (UPLOADED Featured Artist)
Parkinson's Satellite Network
INDIE 104 FM Los Angeles
Banana Peel Radio Vancouver
WTMX-HD Chicago
WTOP-HD Washington D.C
WMVN-HD St. Louis
KSL-HD Salt Lake City
KTAR-HD Phoenix
MOD Radio UK
Gap Radio UK
Deep Blue FM Bournemouth
All Ireland Radio (AIR FM)
Radio Vest Denmark

Available in future through Itunes and various other download sites.

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Based in Livingston, West Lothian, The Levings were formed when Colin ‘Sid’ Baxter and Mark ‘Stanger’ Strange got together to write songs after previously being in bands together, this slowly progressed into acoustic sessions. After refining the songs they progressed into forming a full band, adding Craig Millar (Bass), Alan Strange (Keys) and Craig Purves (Drums).

The Levings although with plenty of experience in other bands are relatively new, only starting out on the gig circuit in early 2008, performing mainly in central Scotland. However in this time they have already had successful gigs including Jool’s Holland Jam House, Edinburgh and Barrowlands, Glasgow.

Despite having many influences (Wings, Talking Heads, Small faces etc) The Levings have set out to not pigeon hole not just themselves but their audience, instead, focusing on a formula and genre they write to produce great songs. If pushed to be defined in a genre it would be indie/pop/rock.

The Levings have several English dates on the way including Moho Live, Manchester taking place in November.

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