The Lexington Express

The Lexington Express


The next big thing in country music. Songs that meet you in the moment then take you to another level. Voices and lyrics that paint the landscape of America. A band that will leave you wanting to hear more.


"I've never been the type of person to learn from a book - I need to experience life to really understand it. I need to run into a brick wall to understand that it's there. I need to feel the sunshine on my back too. These songs are a direct result of taking chances and not living a pedestrian in life. These songs are written from dirty hands".

- Matt Worden, lead singer and songwriter for the Lexington Express

After listening to The Lexington Express - it's easy to understand where Matt is coming from. While Matt fully admits he's the worst musician in the group. It's the chemistry of the band's core members Matt, Josh Lindy and Will McCraine that makes these songs come to life. The easy path would for them to put out a bunch of pop inspired country songs, but the route they've chosen evokes much more emotion and makes these songs stick with you long after you've listened.

Not that they're any of these genre's specifically, but if you like country before it went pop, if you like country from the late 60's and 70's, if you like southern'll like The Lexington Express.


The Lexington Express (Self-titled) March 2012