The Liar Dies

The Liar Dies


From the ashes of some of Denvers most progressive bands, rises "The Liar Dies" With melodic hooks and a hardcore rock sound, they are the newest band in the area to look out for.


From the ashes of Silence the Satellites, rises The Liar Dies.

The Liar Dies is an aggressive yet melodic band based out of Denver CO. With influences steeped heavily in punk rock and metal. They still have the catchy hooks and melodic sound we have all learned to expect from Silence the Satellites (STS). After a change in lead singers the band also decided to change their name. With a new front man came new material and an even more polished and infectious sound.

Now they have set out to revolutionize the Denver music scene. These five guys love to play the music they write and have the best time possible while doing it. After a few moments of exposure to their music and their stage show you will see why they are soon to be the most talked about band in Denver.


5 Years is featured in the Ski Video- Worland Warriors 3-Enter the Worland. Produced by Shades of Gray Productions

"As Ashes Fall" 07. 9 song CD availble at

Set List

We currently are working with a 10 song, set list. The order changes with the mood we are in. We cover 2 songs regularly; Rise Against's Ignite and Hum's "Stars".