The Liars Club

The Liars Club


Hard Rock. Mixing elements of melody from 60's rock greats with dynamics of the great early 90's alternative rock giants. We meld these influences and create a sound unique to the individuals that make up The Liars Club.


First there was KC. Freshly renewed to rock and roll after years of jazz performance, inspired by the sound of Ritual De Lo Habitual, and The Liars Club was formed. A revolving cast of members and a self titled full length release later, the name and reputation in the Seattle rock scene was building with a slough of shows at venues all over the NW. Fall of 2006 KC found a guitar player to his liking in Chris Craig, who brought a rhythmic stabbing and searing tonal presence to the music. The two instantly began writing, and found a new voice together, shaping the sound of the new music for The Liars Club. Falling somewhere between the influential sound of early Seattle music of the 90's, strong pop style melodies of great 60's band like The Kinks, punk, and great hard rock, their sound was formed. Soon joining the rhythm section was Alex Difabio, a Chicago transplant who came to the northwest seeking new musical avenues. A perfect fit to The Liars Club on bass, he filled in the spaces one guitar could not, and widened the dynamic within the band. The newest member of The Liars Club family was Steve Popplewell on drums. Previously drumming with Sledgeback, Steve brought a powerhouse wallop to the drumming that cemented that hard as nails sounding rhythm section so crucial to the sound the songs demanded. This is the brief history of The Liars Club.


2005 Self titled full length
2008 The Liars Club EP

Set List

Standard set is 10 songs, approximately 55 minutes. Current set includes; Home School, Wide Open Beaver, Biography, Flags, Quit Pushing, Pigtails, Born on a Friday, Wedgewood Hop, Union to 80th, Trust Fund. No covers currently.