The Librarian

The Librarian

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Librarian is an odd entity in the grand scheme of the musical universe. The music is inspired by a myriad of influences including Gothic, Electronic, IDM, and Blues music. Known to simultaneously captivate and inspire audiences, The Librarian is a unique experience, an enigma.


The Librarian, the moniker of Matthew Cooper, delights in his own breed of dark electronic music, infused with strong gothic undertones, minimal composition, and the darkest shades of blues. Constantly on the cusp of the avant-garde, he is known for giving listeners a glimpse into the obscure. Although he has always found solace in the creation of sound and in manipulating recordings, the most intriguing is his affinity for performance and aesthetics. He brings a new life to a club scene that has become status quo with unabashed charisma and showmanship while also managing to maintain a devout attention to imagery and emotion. Additionally, The Librarian owns and operates the record label RACECAR.


The Librarian - Red Letter w/ Bestial Mouths Remix [RACECAR]
The Librarian - Slow [RACECAR]
The Librarian - The Colony w/ JPLS Remix [RACECAR]
The Librarian - The Hornet's Nest [RACECAR]

Set List

The Librarian's Live set is typically one continuous mix incorporating all of our songs.

The Librarian's DJ set is a traditional club-style continuous mix of vinyl records.