The Library

The Library


The Library is music, a feeling, everything you could want in a band a more. The vocals are soul stirring, the music is emotianally arrousing. Good music fun band great show.


THE LIBRARY is the product of two groups in the South Texas music scene, Annej and One Year. From Annej came the ferocious drumming of Raymond Smith and the titillative lead guitar playing of Enoch. From One Year came the eclectic vocal style of Jacob Baez along with the super melodic "in your face" bass riffs of Albert Reyes. The best of both bands are now together through an odd, yet fortunate set of circumstances. Their reputation for high octane live sets and crazy antics leave people wondering "what will they do next?" "Despite the Antics", the focus is always the music and each member equally has brought his own musical flavor to the table. The likes of Jeff Buckley, The Mars Volta, Tool, Incubus, and The Killers, are all flowing steadily in their veins. THE LIBRARY is currently recording an album with NeoSound Resources.


Currently working on 5 song demo to be realesed in early 06

Set List

All original music.

On the West Side
El Capitan
Despite the Antics
Secret Cancer Patient
Many other all original music.

Typical set one hour.