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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Library "You Don't Need No Doctor, Sugar""

Chills. Once in a blue moon a song will come along, completely unexpectedly, and give me chills. A song that stops the endless multitasking I'm doing on my computer or in my life and makes me just listen, and listen with full attention.

Out of NO where, last night this happened. I was deleting old emails and came upon one from OUTFEST, promoting a night of music at the Troubadour, I scanned across the many Lesbian Rappers Performing (groan) and saw this pic of a band called The Library. I clicked the link for more info, found their website, clicked on one of their tracks and heard THIS.

Prepare to have your Pop Life changed.

There are some obvious comparisons I could make to another band who use similar Killer synth, but I won't, because there is something distinctly soulful about these guys. I know nothing about them (although their mysterious bio is quite funny), there doesn't seem to be a myspace or a youtube, which is actually refreshing. So PopMuse will keep his eyes on them and report back. - PopMuse


The Library EP, available on iTunes through Feudal Records.



To Suggest that The Library is Pious would be misleading.
No, we can't say that The Library advocates the religion church but they do stay out late and absorb. Before Guliani shut down all the cool New York Punk Rock clubs there was this rumor that the secret basement of Coney Islan High was a refuge for teenage vampires. One time we actually went down there. There were no vampires, but that was the first time we'd ever heard Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. It kinda changed our collective life.

Such as it was back then.
One time, during detention, we inadvertently poisoned ourselves with an anti-psychotic medication. We'd try our absolute hardest to rise from our chair and escape the room, but were unable to get any father than thirty feet down the hall before instantly being stransported back to said chair. It took eight hours to make it onto the bus home.

By the time we'd graduated college, we'd aged an unfair amount and driven ourselves more than a bit looney.

To this our music was a testament.

Our music is popular music. Popular music insprired and informed by something unavoidable and totally aweful and true. And it fucked us up worse than any drug.

With this fiery impetus, the kids have set out to inhabit the space where the philosophes of The Wu-Tang Clan, Radiohead, Ennio Morricone, Rush, and Whitney Houston overlap. Fronted by a vocalisted that invokes the ghosts of classic-era Bowie and Mariah Carey, the six man-children have recored an album. The Audio Testimony of a Dying Cripple Healed By The Hand of Jesus Christ. is a metropolitan discotheque-dancehall earthquake/earthrape that celebrates tenuousness, uncertainty and the church that is the city.