The Library is on Fire

The Library is on Fire


indie alternative rock with poetry and danger - think Guided By Voices meets Sugar meets Nirvana meets Jane's Addiction.


The Library is on Fire. De-evolved start in Kent, Ohio (Steve Five - Singer/Guitarist, born in Ravenna, Ohio. Pete Sustarsic - Drums 'n' Percussion, born in Medina, Ohio), relegated to the Television of New York City by forces other than music (Poetry studies at The New School and a series of paradiddles, the Essence of Brushes). Kept afloat, influenced and inspired by the will and wits of a child of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Mark Shue - Bass Guitar/Singer) and guided by the voices of their Ohio venerables and bright wax jammerz (produced by Todd Tobias, Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard/Circus Devils). Part of a long line of ephemerals, smashed bits of guitars in TLIOFHQ, a show as NIVARNA, photo books of lightning and gemstones, notebooks full of images and presents and candy for the mind. Many new songs fulfilled. Volume is currently an opportunity, siding heavily on the liberal, sliding heavily into libel - The Library is on Fire.


Magic Windows, Magic Nights LP 2010
Blue Rider & The Looking Glass Fern EP 2009
Cassette 2008