The Library Suits

The Library Suits

 Chelmsford, England, GBR

The Library Suits are without doubt, one of the most exciting bands to come out of Essex in a long time. When they get it right, their rock and roll anthems are simply irresistable - Catch TLS live to experience a unique take on rock with funk and alternate edges, dancing is mandatory!


Since 2008, The Library Suits have provided honest, edgy rock from the county of Essex, UK. Born from a love of music and inspired by the likes of Manic Street Preachers, The Music, Feeder, Idlewild, Metallica and Biffy Clyro, the group has evolved from an acoustic duo to the heavily gigging four piece you can hear today.

In September 2008 the group travelled to Wales with the idea of recording a four track E.P. A week later The Library Suits, with producer Neak Menter had fashioned 'Because It's Somewhere To Be...' an eight track release which considering the group had only been rehearsing for three months, was quite an achievement. Tracks from the E.P. such as the anthemic 'Ten Years' and funky 'Heirs To The Atmosphere' are still showcased live.

November saw the four return to Wales to record their Christmas effort 'Christmas Retreat'. The slightly tongue-in-cheek effort was born from a love of a great Christmas song and incorporates every camp aspect you could want - bells choirs and a cornet for good measure. The song was released as a single in December 2009 and is still available from all good internet retailers. The Music Video can be viewed here:

After several months of solid gigging, the group had written the material for their first full album. In June 2009 The Library Suits travelled to Wales and producer Neak once more to set about recording. Eight days recording and relaxing in the Brecon Beacons and 'suffer:recover' had been recorded. The thirteen track release shows the groups positive songwriting direction with a more edgy, rockier approach. The album was preceded with the single 'You Don't Have To Be A Wizard' and an Acoustic E.P. 'I Still Believe In The Future' is also available.

The music video for the single 'You Don't Have To Be A Wizard' can be viewed at the following link:

In October 2009 The Library Suits made their first television appearance on Channel 4 as part of Hollyoaks: The Music Show. Picked from hundreds of entries, The Library Suits championed by Sonny Flood competed against eight other unsigned artists for a chance to appear in an episode of Hollyoaks, watch the performance here:

The group have recorded their second full album, Destroy Discover which is due for release later this year.


"The Library Suits are without doubt, one of the most exciting bands to come out of Essex in a long time. When they get it right, their rock and roll anthems are simply irresistable" -

"A rollicking rocknroll embracing a smooth reading of Sonic Youth’s more poppy edges and Feeder-go-commercial ramalama punkiness too." - Bugbear

"Sometimes things just seem to fall into place. That's certainly would appear to be the case with The Library Suits, one of the most popular new bands in Chelmsford." - Essex Chronicle

"Because It's Somewhere To Be" is an exciting first record, that shows wonderful promise as the band mature into talented young men." - Panic! Magazine

"Even when hearing the new songs for the first time it’s like you already know them. This is a band that really stick in your head. " - Panic! Magazine


Because It's Somewhere To Be [Autumn 2008] -'s+Somewhere+To+Be

Christmas Retreat [December 2008] -

You Don't Have To Be A Wizard [Single] [August 2009] -'t+Have+To+Be+A+Wizard

suffer:recover [November 2009] -

Set List

The set list varies but is made up of a mix of tracks predominantly from 'suffer:recover' and the unreleased 'Destroy Discover' The set often contains one or two tracks from 'Because It's Somewhere To Be' but is constantly evolving.

The Library Suits play a 'Gig' rather than play a song, gap, talk, repeat and work hard on perfecting this.