The Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails
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The Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails

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"Rock on the Rocks"

The Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails

It’s 12:53 a.m. when bassist/vocalist “Foxy” Roxy Von Popov calls out from the stage at the Katonah Grill, “I’m parched. Who’s gonna join me in a drink?” The howling chorus at the bar raise their glasses to ensure that indeed, she is not drinking alone tonight. Roxy flashes a broad smile and enjoys a healthy gulp of her martini before Brooklyn-born drummer St. Pauli Dangerousli counts off the intro to another barn-burning, raved-up rock classic.

The Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails never drink alone.

The Cocktails (fans call them LGC) are founded on two basic principals – their love of libations and their need to rock. Their 60’s-inspired stage show recalls the glory days of garage – when The Kinks, The Who and The Stones were considered unruly punks whose sneering lyrics and high-test songs gave rise to countless bastard bands like the Seeds, the Raiders, and the 13th Floor Elevators, all of which are given the Cocktail Twist.

That’s not to say they’re a nostalgia act. “There are a few modern bands that capture the same spirit,” says frontman Stewed Driver. “We love mixing in The White Stripes and Jet with The Doors and Yardbirds. It’s all about music that makes you want to shake your ass.”

“The energy and the sound are really the stars,” states guitarist Otto Wino, who also does time in the local horror-rock outfit, The Scared Stiffs. “We make songs you never heard sound familiar, and take songs you do know and throw ‘em in the blender with some extra shots of adrenaline. Nothing sounds karaoke.”

Rounding out this “most original cover band” is Tina Colada – saucy siren from the Florida Keys on (what else?) keys; plus soundboard knob twister and sometime bassist Dickie Mellonball. They even provide a floor show in the form of a couple of long-legged lovelies known as The Lucious Lushes who go-go til every last drop is gone-gone.

"Bar owners love us. We get people juiced. Literally," says Roxy. We can all hoist our glass to that.
- More Sugar


The LifeSize Gorgeous Cocktails have but one EP - the always delicious and devilishly potent, "7&7". Seven songs for seven bucks. Again, all easily accessible on our
award-winning website,



Husband and Wife Otto and Roxy met, merged and hatched a plan to take their love of 60's and 70's garage rock and alcohol global. Along the way they picked up a friend or two and forced them into indentured musicianship, before trolling for some real players with like-minded goals to round out the sound.
LGC's first gig was at a strip mall biscotti shop filled with a short busload of "special" people. It's all been downhill from there. Extended more highly entertaining individual bios, pics and musings are available on