The Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails

The Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails


Think the glory days of garage rock, when the Who, Stones and Kinks were lean and mean. When lyrics were snarled and the sole objective was to get asses shakin'. A high-octane concoction that's equal parts classic rock, sweat and booze-fueled dirty martini rock. and roll. Drink it up!


Husband and Wife Otto and Roxy met, merged and hatched a plan to take their love of 60's and 70's garage rock and alcohol global. Along the way they picked up a friend or two and forced them into indentured musicianship, before trolling for some real players with like-minded goals to round out the sound.
LGC's first gig was at a strip mall biscotti shop filled with a short busload of "special" people. It's all been downhill from there. Extended more highly entertaining individual bios, pics and musings are available on


The LifeSize Gorgeous Cocktails have but one EP - the always delicious and devilishly potent, "7&7". Seven songs for seven bucks. Again, all easily accessible on our
award-winning website,

Set List

We're not ashamed to admit it - we're a cover band. But we pick our covers the way Martha Stewart picks her produce - with tender love and finesse. Sure, we play perennial crowd pleasers like Crimson and Clover, Paint it Black, Born to Be Wild and Deep Purple's Hush, but more than often you'll find us cranking out Yardbirds, Rascals, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Link Wray, the Kinks, Doors, Pretty Things etc. Stick around long enough and you'll hear The Partridge Family's "I Woke Up in Love," Neil Diamond's "Girl, you'll be a Woman Soon," John Lennon's "I'm Losing You," Elvis Costello's "Mystery Dance," or even some Ventures. Whether it's The White Stripes, Joan Jett, Aerosmith or Tommy Tutone, everything gets thrown in the blender and comes out with The Cocktail's patented vintage twist.