The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade


"The Light Brigade know how to build tension in a song and then hammer home a tough groove. Each instrument finds it place and blazes effortlessly toward multiple crescendos that elevate their live shows to lofty heights, grabbing the audience and throttling them into submission. A must see!"


Momentum appears to be an unstoppable, organic side effect of this four piece hailing from the hidden and
unassuming towns of Arundel, West Sussex. It seems almost fitting for a band that has 'come out of nowhere' to have literally come out of nowhere.

Many have compared the sound to the likes of 'Muse, The Cure, Radiohead, Echo And The Bunnymen, etc' and
although complimentary,they use these comparisons as something to grab onto lest the band sweep past us before
they can adjust.

Having Recorded their debut 'Equations EP' with the acclaimed John Cornfield at the beginning of the year, it is safe to say the band has successfully captured the energy of their live performances and sealed it for others to enjoy from the relative safety of their stereo. Filming for the forth coming video has already begun and preparations are underway for their debut album to be released later this year. But when questioned on how much more 'The Light Brigade' are prepared to give? The simple answer is:

"As much as the world can take... and then some."


2013 - Equations EP; - 1. Equations (Radio Edit) 2. Equations (Album Version) 3. Byrons Wife 4. Enemy

Set List

Byrons Wife,
Monkeys With Tools
Pros & Cons
Blind Birds