the lightningrod salesman

the lightningrod salesman


wet sounds weaving in and out of eachother, building up and crashing down among beats, bells, and distant voices


my music ranges in style. there is too much interesting music out there, i can't always keep the same sound.
i listen to alot of instrumental rock and shoegaze, i like jazz especially when its live, i like dance loud in a club. i grew up on rock, mostly, so that is where i am rooted.
so far i have recorded 5 full length albums, 4 of which were solo. each album has its own sound and was recorded using different techniques and instruments. my first solo album (smile) kindof sucked because i wasnt yet a good musician/producer. it was kindof quirky, kindof dark sounding rock, often fairly slow. my biggest influences for smile were probably the cure, pink floyd, u2, and xtc.
my second solo album (the leaves, shimmering gold) featured more acoustic guitar, which was the base for some fairly typical rock with neat little harmonies and cool guitar solos.
so be it. is the 3rd in my repertoire, and it takes a plunge into the electronic. most of the music is composed on a synth, with flavors of electric guitar and real percussion. it is a very atmospheric listen- music for the patient.
hiddenkind is the first album that i am trying to sell. it has 12 songs, mostly based around electronic beats, but with alot of real percussion in there as well. it is very atmospheric, but with alot of musical substance and motion. some of the songs on hiddenkind have a driving, prog dance sound, some sound like an african jungle singing.
i am still working on music, hopefully one day it will be my job.



Written By: ariel powell

you are the source of my delight
you are the shining star
you hold me near,
where everything is right
and you believe in me
my love.
you are the blessing from on high
you are the manna,
you keep me alive
hold me
when everything is gone
you breathe life
into me
my love
one day we will arrive at the place we call forever
and finally you will know my love
for you


the leaves, shimmering gold-2004
so be it.-2005

Set List

i don't usually do covers and i don't perform. really, i just sit in my studio and write music. since any given song may have 20 tracks or so of me on different instruments, live performing is difficult.