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Album Sampler of our upcoming debut album, "Just Married"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Let’s face it. When it comes to married couples---well, happily married couples---in the entertainment industry, it would appear that pillar examples are far and few between. And, while statistics show that most unions have a 50% chance of survival, Tiffany and J. Adams boldly step up to the challenge, both in their homes and on the stage.

As the gifted, animated, engaging, inspiring, multi-dimensional singing and songwriting team, The Light is a welcome sight for sore ears, broken hearts and cynical minds. Upon first listen, there’s a great chance that you’ll be tempted to compare the jazzy songstress and her mellowed-out other half with the likes of other married vocalists like neo-soul singers, Kindred or R&B lovebirds, Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore. But, if you take a moment to dig a little deeper, you will notice that they have a style and sound that’s eclectically all their own: whether it’s upbeat and acoustic, laid-back and horn-riddled or mid-tempo and piano-filled.

“A lot of people have called us the Sonny and Cher of the new millennium and we don’t mind,” laughs Jay. “We know that a part of it’s because of the energy that we have while interacting on stage, but we also feel that it’s due to our sound, which we feel is pretty difficult to put into any genre. There are so many people who influence what we do from the Beatles and Stevie Wonder, Tribe Called Quest and India Arie, James Morrison and Billie Holiday.”

This vast music vocabulary makes sense being that they met while studying music in college. Although they were friends first and the tale of their initial connection varies slightly, they both agree that there was instantly a special connection; one that only music could describe. After a friend recommended that they take their relationship a step further, in 2005, they officially became a duo and began landing gigs. However, it was in 2006, that they made the deal permanent by becoming husband and wife.

Now, they are working on their debut release, “Just Married”, an LP that serves as the soundtrack of their relationship and the revelations that they are discovering as a direct result.

“We believe this album reflects so many sides of marriage,” says Tiffany. “We have a song called, ‘Paradise’ that talks about how beautiful being together is, but we also have a song called, ‘Dreams’, which talks about what can happen when miscommunication takes place. Every song serves a different purpose, but what we hope is that people will have a sneak peak into marriage in a way that they haven’t heard in music before.”

And what way is that, exactly?

“There are so many love songs out there that present the romantic side of things more than the actual experience of what it’s like to be married,” says J. “It’s really something to make the decision to put someone before yourself even on the days when you don’t necessarily want to. Love is beautiful, it is romantic, but it’s also a commitment that requires a lot of sacrifice.”

A sacrifice that they say they make daily, but with no regrets.

“My wife balances me when we are performing and at home,” says J. “She has the amazing ability to write from the heart without letting her head get in the way. She has a stability and confidence that’s wonderful and rare. She’s much more talented than she gives herself credit for.”

“J. is fun, he’s real, he’s someone you can’t help but enjoy being around because he’s so full of life,” says Tiffany. “With him, I can avoid taking life so seriously. He makes loving and learning worth exploring.”

In an industry where there are not enough press releases, publicist quotes or tabloid denials to cover up a disingenuous relationship, even if you wanted to question their sincerity, it would be hard to find the answers to back up the conclusion that TheLight isn't the real deal. Now, all they want to do is share what they have found in each other with the world.

“We are just hoping that we can help to bring a sense of balance to the industry,” says J. “There is an audience full of people who are looking for great music, but lyrics with substance, something that they can relate to, but also grow from.”

“We want people to feel our hearts even if they never came to one show,” says Tiffany. “To us, that’s what a good song is all about.”