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The Light Rays

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Off The Wall Uniqueness"

"Ah, the beach, how we do love it. The sun, the sand, the waves, etc, etc. Living on the west coast does have it's benefits, something that 'The Light Rays' seem to have captured in their music. Radiant guitar hooks, airy drum parts, catchy baselines, and even some chill organ stuff, all contribute to this bands off-the-wall uniqueness. "Surf Song," is the third song of their outstanding demo, channels the 1950's like no other beach rock I've heard this past (tear) summer. Grab "Surf Song," "LSD Palm Trees," and check the dates, after the jump."
- Small Estuaries

"Music That Sounds Alive"

"I like things that are true. For records, for me, this often means that I like things that are obviously records of events, things that bear an obvious human imprint. I’m not looking for perfection in music, I’m looking for humanity. You don’t stab at those things with studio wizardry, but through earnestly pushing your soul through an amplifier. Charles Mingus’ “Better Get It in Your Soul” is a good example here; it is true and real and alive. Take out the shouted exhortations and you’re left with something cold. Shit. What does “Louie, Louie” (and, by extension, everything that tries to be it) sound like if those dudes had aimed for a crisp, clean vibe? (It’s a rhetorical question, but the answer is: like shit.) The Light Rays are fuzzy and dirty and imperfect, making music that sounds alive, all of which makes them easy to love. It’s garage surf music, simply put, with the vocals way down in the mix, straight forward guitar lines and a load of personality. They’ve got a five song, ten minute cassette available here. That they proudly declare that it’s recorded in analog tells you more than a little about the band and their ethos. It’s worth the four bucks. The pure-surf riff and drum beat of “Surf Song” are augmented by some clever electronic additions. “H Town” and “Meditation on a Theme” both have an endearing mumbliness about them. The highlights though are “End of the World Love Song” with its strangely apocalyptic keyboard and “LSD Palm Tree,” which opens (unpredictably) with bird song before erupting into fuzzed-out bliss. The Light Rays make me smile, mostly because they mean it." - Citizen Dick


The Light Rays - S/T Cassett and CD release on Sun Fight Records. Available by request for streaming/airplay at



Jeff got a 4 Track cassett recorder and over the summer of 2009 recorded songs in his Costa Mesa pracitce studio that would soon become The Light Rays. Blending a mix of Catchy Garage Surf Punk with Psychedelic Noises he made by creating custom synth patches or modifying found sounds The Light Rays soon grabbed the attention of many around the area. Since they have played with numerous national touring bands including Indian Jewlery, Psychedelic Ills, Blues Control and Pocahaunted as well as local heros like Audacity and Tan Dollar.