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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"As lyrically adept as Idlewild but as melodically breezy as a hard rock Teenage Fanclub, they are a challenge to pigeonhole. Imagine Elvis Costello writing lyrics for ELO, fronted by James Dean Bradfield’s younger siblings!"


"Blimey Charlie, cop a load of this then!! Well, you certainly can't say that The Lights lack confidence!! 'The Score' is full-on, flat-out energy and good, solid British panache!! Stunningly assembled and beautifully recorded, 'The Score' just zips out at yer and smacks yer full in the face - no excuses, no apologies, no prisoners taken
If you ever want to show someone what energy and confidence is all about just point them in the general direction of The Lights - they're absolutely bristling with electricity and feelgood factor. The Lights are a Birmingham five-piece and they certainly know how to rock up a good pop song; 'The Score' is simply gruesome! Right from the opening notes through to the last decay of the last note, 'The Score' whip up a pretty scary frenzy - it's brilliant, it's massive, it's bloody great!

'The Score' is rammed full of commerciality - it's memorable, instantly recognisable, melodic, epic, anthemic and many more ...ics that I just can't call to mind at the moment. Certainly different and definitely hard-driven, 'The Score' crashes from the speakers, leaving scorch marks as it exits, and runs rampant through the brain - it's scary shit but by God it's good shit!! 'The Score' by The Lights is a piece of rocket fuelled pop-rock the like of which you just don't hear every day - fanbloodytastic!! Whoever said pop music can't be enjoyable? "


"The Lights are a lovely burst of energy, consisting of five bright eyed individuals with the heart and determination to be heard all over. Their sound is like nobody else, unique, eclectic and intimately epic with a touch of old enough to know better! With a highly promising array of unique sounds, ranging from soft and passionate to loud staggering moments, they've perfectly blended each other's influences and abilities to create one magnetic and appealing force."


"Intoxicating harmonies"


“The five piece Birmingham band made themselves at home on BBC WM, turning off the lights in the studio and setting up a disco ball in the middle of the room.
The subsequent atmosphere complemented their acoustic set perfectly; three catchy, uplifting melodies fronted by singer Liz Sheils' powerful vocals. “

"This is a guitar band with a difference You get the energy of working class eclecticism and low key talent rather than musical fireworks and mind numbing hooks set to repeat. The Score is the follow up to the Lights debut release "Stop Stop Carry On" which garnered massive sales across the world. Now the band look set for the next step and with any luck will give us an album sometime soon."


"The Lights are a five piece band, offering a huge spectrum of sounds and “The Score” is a fast paced, female fronted track showing plenty of promise for this young band. I think the track has been let down on the production/mixing side, but there is still a lot to like about it. It’s hard to really pigeonhole a band like The Lights, however it really tests the style of the typical guitar band of today. "


"Reviews of Stop Stop Carry on"

"it has a dramatic feel which can easily take you to places in your mind where everythings fuzzy and warm. beautifully executed a 1st class piece."

“dynamic from the 1st note all the way to the end”

“This sounds like a song that you would hear in a movie soundtrack...”

“The unique vocal style jumps right out at you and keeps your interest right through to the end of the song.”

“This is excellent. A Really good song”

"Hot - This band has a very very good chance for going far."
- Slicethepie

"Review of Self Sense EP"

The Lights are a lovely burst of energy, consisting of five bright eyed individuals with the heart and determination to be heard all over. With a highly promising array of unique sounds, ranging from soft and passionate to loud staggering moments; they've perfectly blended each other's influences and abilities to create one magnetic and appealing force.

Everybody has to give their heart away it floats in at a steady pace, gently building the anticipation as to what awaits your ears. The rage and forceful shrill that comes off the vocals is catchy, what seems to come into the limelight and outshine here is the throbbing bass lines, all throughout this they find the perfect moments to mix their relaxed and laid back sound and mesh it well against their more louder and melodic instances.
Foreign Bodies is the last heard here, the absolutely stunning music heard in the background of the vocals runs exquisitely through the vocals. This is the kind of sound that you wish was heard further at the beginning but at the same time are pleasantly surprised to find it at the end as if it were some kind of secret treasure revealed. Like with every other song heard, The Lights have taken the time to make sure everything has been worked together just right and the ending result is stunning. As this is my fifth time listening to this number, I think it's safe to say it's addictive in its sweet doses; although there is something from the background arrangement that seems to hook me, I find it really engaging - I love it!
Really great sound displayed here, the mix of something old and something fresh and new really makes it that much more appealing. No one overshadows the other, which is great; everyone shines in their own way, which is something that isn't always achieved in a band. I think if they keep on trekking their own path and doing their own thing like they've achieved so far, a bright and promising future lays ahead of them! So come on and turn on The Lights!

- Infused Magazine

"Review of Stop Stop Carry On"

Stop carry on is a hard hitting, swift paced ditty of a tune. The force that bellows from the vocals is electric, really drives the song home alongside the wonderful guitar riffs heard in the background. The chorus is infectious, I found myself singing it over and over long after the song had stopped. The song lies perfectly between having a classic sound and a raw edgy modern sound. It's been cleverly filled with masses of interlaced layers, twists and turns that seem to pop out in different ways and manners giving it quite a tasteful appeal! - Infused Magazine

"Reviews of "the Score""

"This song totally blew me away and i can tell its a winner trust me you will go all the way right up to the big leagues and dont let anybody say you wont trust me you can do it!Back to top"

I love this track i love it i feel lke there is such a big gap in the market for this kind of genre the good female vocalist against quite a heavy and dominating beat this is a really good piece and can't wait to hear more. 10/10

Thought this was an excellent track with everything in the right place. Loved the vocals and the melody, very catchy and certainly original. Great overall track!! will watch out for this very talented band. 10/10


Heard this song In the scout room a few weeks ago. Forgot to give the song a tip but atleast I get a 2nd chance of putting a tip on the song now. This song should deffinately be up there with the best. One of my favs on slicethepie.10/10


deffo a hit if it isnt then i will kill myself go girlfriend work lovs the music and vocal luvs it
- Slice the Pie


"Self Sense EP" (2006 Incubator records)

"Stop Stop Carry On" single (2007 Uncooked records)

"The Score" Single (2008 Ding Dong Baby)

"Low Hundreds" (out may 11th Crash Records)



Hope you are enjoying the summer rain. We will be performing a traditional black country sun dance and playing some tunes at our home town haunt this Friday.

So come on down To
Friday AUG 22nd and forget about the dreadful weather for a few hours.

Further more in honour of the credit crunch it's only a quid in which leaves you more cash to spend on bread and petrol!!!

Text "INDIE LIGHTSMUSIC 1" to 78789 to purchase the track on your mobile phone! or go to to purchase them on your t'internet connection! All for the measley cost of 79p! brilliant!




Our brand new single “The Score” is due out on July 28th
But you can pre order it now from “7digital music store” or you can simply
text indie lightsmusic 1 to 78789 to purchase on your mobile.
Your support is much appreciated. The video is available to watch on our you tube channel

Lights out

Back home in the UK we are getting our video into more places. You can now watch it here
and you’ll shortly be able to catch it in rotation on Propeller TV-SKY 195.
Also listen out for us this weekend on www. rivergibbsfm. com global internet radio.

Lights out

The live Lights experience is electric and frequently spine-tingling, rather than a bunch of college kids recycling one catchy hook, they actually sound like a real working class band with the fire, heart and poise that playing and writing together for years has afforded them. Having recently shared the stage with acts as diverse as The Twang, The Wombats, Morning Runner, The Pipettes and Piney Gir to name a few theLights can win over any crowd with their supercharged live presence