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"the lightsleeper - this is the winter of my discontent"

This electronic depressedness totally sounds like IAMX to me, and indeed, Mr. Corner’s project is listed as one of the influences of Viennese artist The Lightsleeper. Both songs from the Transition EP were featured on the (in)famous Indie Rock Playlist (in the immediate vicinity of The National and Bright Eyes), and that is quite impressive. - walzerkönig

"the lightsleeper - this is the winter of my discontent"

His music is from a dreamy plain, something ethereal, and I find myself near-instantly loving it. It's just intoxicating. -


transition - mini ep, release, Nov.2011

full length album to be released on 5th of october 2012 on the german label timezone records. It will be called "awesomnia"and will consist of 10 songs.



what if you can channel your thoughts while not being able to fall asleep into something creative. this would not be wasted time at all.
the lightsleeper tries to convert his everyday contemplations which are related to his challenging life and job as human rights defender into songs which should motivate the audience to reflect upon the status quo (not the band, or wait .... ok also the band including their haircuts) and also entertain by catchy tunes.

electronic beats collide with chamber music as well as fat
basslines and electronic effects meet soulful, occasinally
megalomaniacal piano playing or indie guitars; the whole thing rounded off by a catchy singing voice transporting discerning lyrics.
these theoretically conflictive elements merge into a coherent ensemble of awesomness.

His debut mini ep “transition” was offcially released in
November 2011, which is a forerunner to an album which will be released in oct. 2012.
as a first important achievement 2 songs of the transition mini ep is featured on the famous “indierock playlist” of october and november 2011 giving his music very much international attention, which resulted in blog interviews and invitations to play in London and Italy.

the lightsleeper and his live-drummer are touring intensly to showcase their acclaimed live set and to promote the upcoming album.