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The Lights Out @ The White Eagle

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland, Oregon, USA

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DVD Review of Get Lost: Oregon
Published by Sojourn Chronicles on December 21, 2007 in Reviews.

Who would want to watch a film about motorcyclists riding through the back country of Oregon. Doh! Well … other motorcyclists. And if you ride, you really want to buy this film. If you don’t ride, you might be more interested in the cinematography, scenery, and story. My only regret is there is not a full blown sound track. A CD is available from The Lights Out, which comprises about half the sound score. The music is addictive. - Sojourn Chronicles


Let There Be The Lights Out- LP (2007)



We are Portland's tallest band.

We are not pretentious, we are not silly, we are not too cool. We may be a little ironic.

At our shows we have been known to give out stage presents (get the pun?) such as official Lights Out light switch covers, t-shirts, and "Don't Honk If You Love The Lights Out" bumper stickers.

Our songs seem all over the map in terms of style to me but somehow that blends together into a 'sound' and so when you hear a couple of our songs in a row you might say "Oh, that's The Lights Out!" as you dance and party with your girl.

We have been compared by people in the music industry to The Pogues and The Band and The Clash and The Ramones but we have also been called Tex-Mex even though we are all native Oregonians.

We definitely have been influenced by our travels (individually and together) to Mexico- but not in a Ricky Martin sort of way, and not in a traditional mariachi sort of way either- we still are just Portlanders who were raised on Nirvana and want to be the Beatles but end up somewhere else entirely. We try to emphasize the energy of rock and roll over everything else.

We started this band with no intention of making it big or getting rich and famous but rather with the goal being to have fun and play shows that are a blast. So what we have done is play lots of benefit shows, lots of outside festivals, and lots of bars we like to drink at. One of our favorite shows was on top of the Ecotrust Building in downtown Portland, a fundraiser for the Earthrace biodiesel boat ( (see Ryan's video blog #28)). And last summer we played at not one but two races, the Rock 'N Relay and Run Like Hell! ( We like the recording studio, too. Our first album has recently been used as the soundtrack for a documentary movie about motorcycles called Get Lost: Oregon ( We are working on a new record, and some of the music was used by the motorcycle documentary guys on their second film (Get Lost: Baja).

The End.