The Limit Club

The Limit Club


The Limit Club is a neo-rockabilly/punk band from Phoenix, Arizona formed in 2005.The band consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Nick Feratu, upright bassist NickDave, drummer Juan Carlos and guitarist Monty O'Blivion.

Since our inception we have traveled across the country and recorded 3 albums.


The Limit Club first formed in 2005 with members Nick Feratu, George and Cadaverous Joel. They began to write and compose songs, which would be released on the album God Damn the Limit Club in 2007. The band choose to remain independent, recording and releasing the album themselves. After its completion, George decided to leave the band to focus on his education. The band recruited drummer Juan Carlos shortly after George left, and completed a short West coast tour in support of their then new album.
In September 2008 the band pounded out another album, entitled Phantom Cats. Around this time, The Quakes, an American Psychobilly band based in Phoenix, recruited Juan Carlos to play drums for them. This position would influence Juan's playing style from a standard sit-down drumkit, to working as an upright drummer. Tensions came to a boiling point within The Limit Club and Cadaverous Joel was asked to leave. Nicholas David (NickDave) was then recruited to fill the position of bassist.
In July 2009 the band completed a full West coast tour where they debuted much of their new material that would later find its way into the new album This is Cutthroat Business. In 2010, Juan Carlos relinquished his position with The Quakes to focus on the Limit Club. Work on the upcoming album proceeded slowly, and "Cutthroat Business" wasn't fully recorded, mixed and released until March 2011. The extra time was not in waste, for this proved to be the most professional album yet. They filmed their first music video in June 2011 for the single "Shake" from "Cutthroat Business" (directed by Elijah Bustos/UCB Productions). The band hooked up with friends The Henchmen and organized a full US tour in the summer of 2011. A success, the band gained wide exposure among fresh music scenes nationwide. In October 2011, the band officially added Monty O'Blivion to their lineup, on auxiliary guitar and backing vocals.




Written By: Nick Feratu

Being all alone is
Such an arduous endeavor
I roll around and clench my fists
And grind my teeth forever

And in my dreams I shake around
Until I’m halfway dead
When I wake up and look around
And find that I’m alone again

My appendages, my extremities, my digits all ACHE
The reality I’m faced with is that it’s time to SHAKE

Nothing left to think about
And nothing to pass the time
Nothing left to take away
This irritation in my mind

I tried to call and tell you
But you didn’t give a damn
And that’s the way it’s been since
This catastrophe began

I just can’t take the way you cause my fragile heart to BREAK
The reality I’m faced with is that it’s time to SHAKE

© Copyright The Limit Club 2011

Bleeding Taper Candle

Written By: Nick Meza

Content with contentions, ideas of conventions
Will slowly start the mold
Of a phallic, crusty wax, unintended reaction
With an epic to unfold
Like Lucy's chokehold on you it'll take over like voodoo
The wakeup and the shakeup feeling like 100,000 pricks
(It'll make you sick)
Your outer skin may hide within
This crimson à la mode
Yet with a quick ignite of the wick
Oh, Hell you will endure

Lapse in judgment from the mind’s eye pundit
Will show you what it’s like
Following the old, doing everything you’re told
As it scorches up your life
Like a night with a filthy angel, you’ll never reach that halo
The fake up is so straight up as you find you’re dealing with a witch
(It’ll make you sick)
It’ll eat away, there’s nothing you can pray
As she flies into the night
Searching for a cure, nothing you will procure
With a dwindle of your light

All the way through it melts from you
Like looking at the "Covenant"
Are you having fun? Cause the flames not done
All the white engulfed by red
Like a bleeding taper candle, so much you just can't handle
The makeup and the breakup as the after rush begins to drip
(It'll make you sick)
Your candle stick begins to tip
As the weight is too intense
And it'll fall over cause its hard to recover
When the fire has been spent

© Copyright The Limit Club 2011

Condemned Vessel

Written By: Nick Feratu/Nick Meza

Nobody missed the condemned vessel
As it drifted off to sea
And I could practically see your face
As you disappeared from me
You swore it was coincidence
I was lost in such a way
The latitude and longitude
Has lead us all astray

Perhaps a hallucination
No one else can see
The mark of your intention
Sent us out to sea
The brig was bound to the port
The flag was raised to sail
Fell into the depths
Within this murky veil

Between Scylla and Charibdis
We are bolted to the sea
Lost in mortal struggle
Adrift in mass debris
You spit upon my name as
I sink to the ocean floor
My bashed and broken spirit
Will not haunt you anymore

This act of amputation
Has cut into my life
The image of your treachery
Implanted on my eyes
The look upon your face
As you fired all guns wide
Devoured by the wreckage
Against the lifeless tide

There's nothing that'll stop us now
Not even the perfect storm
The typhoons and the hurricanes
Provide a grim allure
Aspirations of my demise
Has fueled vindictive rage
All the while your tainted thoughts
Have put you in a cage

This self assassination
Has cut into your life
And though your heart is taken
It still flows with the tide
Waves that break along the shore tell all of what you know
Remora on your conscience wherever you may go

© Copyright The Limit Club 2011


Studio Albums

- This Is Cutthroat Business (12 track full length album) - 2011

- Phantom Cats (10 track full length album) - 2008

- God Damn The Limit Club (13 track full length album) - 2007


- You Heard Us Back When, Volume 6 - 2012

-Dynamite Magazine Compilation 35, Issue 80 - 2013

Set List

Swing Through The Apocalypse
Bleeding Taper Candle
Life of Crime
Return To My Darker Self
Cutthroat Business
Condemned Vessel
I Hope You Hurt
Seven Rusty Blades
Just A Mirage
I'm A Nightmare
Sister Found The Cure
The Kids Are All Dead
Bring It Back (The Stray Cats)
Kick In The Eye (Bauhaus)
It's All Over Now (The Valentinos)
The Shadow of Love (The Damned)