The Lines

The Lines


The Lines bring the softer melodic side of Indie music and match it up with some vintage rock sounds. Whatever genre you call it, this group brings their love of music to every performance ensuring a fresh and enjoyable sound.


The Lines are a three piece Indie Rock Band that formed in early 2005.

An eclectic mix of melodic songwriting and great musicianship has seen interest in The Lines grow quickly since going live in early 2006.

Having played at some of the best venues in and around Sydney and featuring at Peats Ridge Music Festival over New Year 2006 The Lines have some major projects lined up for 2007 including a major Australian movie soundtrack.

The future looks very bright for this Sydney based trio.


Runaway - Featured on FBI radio in Sydney and radio stations throughout the USA

Set List

1.Die Young
2.Growing Pains
3.Little King
4.Pull It Together
7.Face It
9.Feeling Perfect
10.My Hidden Enemy

Sets normally run for 45mins-1hr, we only play original material and sometimes we feature guest artists on instruments such as slide and didgeridoo