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"Lance Bedard launches CD Restless"

Lance Bedard launches CD Restless


Posted 9 months ago

Not only a night filled with original music, but probably the most exciting night ever for Lance Bedard.

Born and raised in Zurich, this musician launched his first solo CD on Saturday to a sold-out crowd.

"There was incredible community support," said Bedard thrilled that so many people came out to hear his release.

The event was also a fundraiser for South Huron Big Brothers and Sisters, a group Bedard is proud to support.

Music has been a big part of this 24 year old's life for 13 years. He remembers the family going to a Boston concert when he was a kid and they saw a drum set in a store. The concert was so incredible to this youngster, the next day the drums were his. His older brother Adam plays guitar so the passion ran in the family.

Bedard says this project took about three months to produce but that some of the songs were written at least five years ago. Rob McKercher from Dig Productions was the engineer and co-producer of the CD called Restless. Tim Bilke did the cover.

"Restless...that pretty much describes me," says Bedard explaining his love for music.

A tool and dye maker when he is not performing, this Zurich man would love to have a career in music. He does shows every weekend and is known throughout south western Ontario.

Bedard writes about life experiences in most cases. His creative juices are loud and clear; the intensity of his love for music is evident. His family support play a huge part in his success as does that of his peers.

The tickets for the launch party sold fast and furious and he gives much of the credit for his success to the Gables owners.

"I have worked there for 11 years and they have always been 100 percent by my side." He goes on to say the family are amazing in their community support.
- Lakeshore Advance

"Lance Bedard is Restless to get back into studio"

Lance Bedard is Restless to get back into studio
June 18, 2009

Grand Bend Canada Day 2009 festivities
Wednesday, July 1 – Main Beach
4:30 p.m. – Ken Dinel’s The Band In You students present rock music
5 p.m. – Ruth’s Hat, Lance Bedard, Brian Dale, Vintage Moments
10 p.m. - fireworks

Zurich native Lance Bedard is on a roll after launching his debut solo CD, Restless, this spring; he’s already working on the second.
“I just went back in the studio last week,” Bedard says, “and I’m waiting on a reply for another (recording) grant so I can release a CD in the next year and a half.”
Bedard’s debut was recorded in Goderich at Dig Productions, where Rob McKercher blended Bedard’s sound with guests Nick Haberer, Marcel Gelinas and Mike Klaassen.

“You write a song, but you hear everything else,” he says, describing the value of collaborating with other artists. “You hear it in your head, but you can’t do it all at once. So when you finally get a chance to build a song from a small four chord progression to a full band production, that gets you fired up to make more music.”
Success at local gigs gave him the push he needed to record the songs he started writing more than five years ago. Early experiences with the Pillowheads and Point of Impact gave him his first exposure to putting together a studio album, but this time, he took the process much more seriously.
“To put this out on my own was something I always wanted to do and to get it out to everyone was the greatest feeling in the world. It’s probably my biggest accomplishment since I entered the music industry. To get everyone’s positive feedback made it all the better.”
Now the push is on to sell, sell, sell. He recently hired a manager to promote his work.

“This guy could take me to the next level. If I hadn’t made the CD, I wouldn’t have this opportunity.”
So it’s back in the studio for round two.
“Hearing the way the music is played and changing is an addicting process. You go there every day and you’re excited about making music. Just hearing yourself and some of the things you can do, it’s like raising a child.”

To hear samples from Lance Bedard’s Restless, visit - Grand Bend Strip Community Newspaper

"My three favourite R's of Lance Bedard"

http:// - Nabweekly - Amanda Walton

"New sounds from Lance Bedard"

New sounds from Lance Bedard

Fundraiser February 26


Posted 9 days ago

Lance Bedard is about to enbark on the release of his second "EP" and the community is invited to attend.

This post-recording party is Friday, February 26 at the Bluewater Community Centre in Zurich.

"We've been working relentlessly on our new "EP" and after four months of recording we are finally finished," says Bedard.

"Since our release of "Restless" our sound has changed greatly. We are going to use this opportunity to share our new music with our supporters and what better place than our home town?" he asks.
Bedard says the local musical industry likes to support our community and for this recording party they will be in support of the "Performing Arts Society of Ontario". This charity began in 2005 to provide funds for high school graduating students who plan on a higher education in the arts programs. Bedard has selected South Huron High as the recipient for dollars. Patrick Cairney, now living near Exeter, is the founder of this charity and has more than 20 years of experience as a manager and booking agent in the music industry. Cairney has been instrumental in giving direction to Bedard.

They have been in the planning stage for a couple of months and have just confirmed opening act "Brownsyn Jerome" to get things started at 9:45.

The band's talent include: Nick Haberer-Lead Guitar, Marcel Gelinas- Keys, James Debus-Bass, and Dereyk Goodwin-Drums.

The "EP" once again was recorded by Rob McKercher at Dig Productions located in Goderich.

"Our new sound has taken us in the rock direction. The last album was much more acoustic driven and had somewhat of a country sound," says Bedard adding one of the big differences this time around was the fact that the guys in the band had a lot more room, time, and say in the writing process.

"They are all so talented and the "EP" would not be what it is going to be without them." Bedard is always amazed with the continued community support and he is very thankful for that. Check out

This event is an age of majority event. - Lakeshore Advance

"Bedard performs off first album tonight at Norma jeans"

You can take the boy out of rock ’n’ roll but you can’t take the rock ‘n’ roll out of the boy.

For several years now, local boy Lance Bedard has been known for his drumming and vocal work. Of course, there comes a time in every rocker’s career when they want to make it like The Eagles and take it easy. This is a perfect time for the singer-songwriter to get back to the basics and do the solo singer-songwriter phase.

In Bedard’s case, the man was still interested in playing with others when it came time to record his first EP called Restless. Joined by guitarist Nick Haberer and keyboardist Marcel Gelinas, Bedard’s first effort truly met his aim for a easy-to-digest sound.

Bedard embarks on an extensive Southern Ontario tour in the next few months, but he’ll preview some of his new songs tonight at Norma jeans. Doors open at 9 p.m.
- London Free Press


The Lines Between EP (2011)
Unreleased... Oct 2011

Lance Bedard EP (2010)
available May 8, 2010

Restless (2009) April
available on iTunes



"The Lines Between" are a straight up rock band hailing from Southwestern Ontario, formed by drummer/lead singer-songwriter Lance Bedard. Since their birth in 2009 the group has become a musical powerhouse and deliver a live show that is not only intense but diverse and dynamic. "The Lines Between" have made it clear to listeners why they are here and why they aren't going anywhere. "We play rock... thats what we do! Rock has been around for years and we feel like we're different by not trying to be different...". This group consists of 3 guys from a small town of only 800 people. With Lance Bedard on vocals and drums, Nick Haberer on guitar and James Debus on bass the band is constantly writing and consistently giving their fans what they want to hear. Having released 2 EP's since 2009 (under the name "Lance Bedard") the albums have spawned 3 singles to nearly 30 radio stations in Ontario. In this time the group has undergone many changes and all for the better. A new sound, line-up and band name were all very important to the growth and survival of this group and the results are undeniable. In return "The Lines Between" have been fortunate to find great support in Canada and are proudly endorsed by "Carparelli Guitars" and "Traynor Amps".