The Lines Between

The Lines Between

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"The Lines Between" are a band of true diversity. Intuative song writing has allowed the group to create songs for the masses. Whether its an audience of teenagers or middle agers TLB will provide a little something for everyone.


"The Lines Between" are a straight up rock band hailing from Southwestern Ontario, formed by drummer/lead singer-songwriter Lance Bedard. Since their birth in 2009 the group has become a musical powerhouse and deliver a live show that is not only intense but diverse and dynamic. "The Lines Between" have made it clear to listeners why they are here and why they aren't going anywhere. "We play rock... thats what we do! Rock has been around for years and we feel like we're different by not trying to be different...". This group consists of 3 guys from a small town of only 800 people. With Lance Bedard on vocals and drums, Nick Haberer on guitar and James Debus on bass the band is constantly writing and consistently giving their fans what they want to hear. Having released 2 EP's since 2009 (under the name "Lance Bedard") the albums have spawned 3 singles to nearly 30 radio stations in Ontario. In this time the group has undergone many changes and all for the better. A new sound, line-up and band name were all very important to the growth and survival of this group and the results are undeniable. In return "The Lines Between" have been fortunate to find great support in Canada and are proudly endorsed by "Carparelli Guitars" and "Traynor Amps".


The Lines Between EP (2011)
Unreleased... Oct 2011

Lance Bedard EP (2010)
available May 8, 2010

Restless (2009) April
available on iTunes