The Linville Ridge Band

The Linville Ridge Band


We play BLUEGRASS, hard driving, with banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, dobro and upright bass. We do duets, trios and occasional quartets. Original material along with more obscure older material from the catalogs of the founders of this genre.


The Linville Ridge Band is a dynamic, new configuration of Bluegrass musicians from the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Original songwriting along with the ability to play multiple instruments adds to the versatility of this group.

The Linville Ridge Band members have traveled throughout the Southeastern states. We would love to come participate in events near your hometown.

We play acoustic Bluegrass, utilizing the skills of the members on various instruments. Primarily, we play with banjo, mandolin, guitar and upright bass. We also have the added attraction of switching off instruments to be able to include the fiddle and resophonic guitar (or dobro).

Morganton, North Carolina is where we call home.

The name, The Linville Ridge Band, was chosen to tie us to the beautiful part of the Blue Ridge Mountains where we call home. Linville Mountain (it’s proper name) was mentioned in the classic song “The Brown Mountain Lights” by Scotty Wiseman, native son to the area.

We are extremely proud of the musical heritage associated with the part of the country we call home. Bluegrass was formed by individuals from this region and we owe a great debt for the foundations they have laid.

Aaron Ramsey is the 2002 winner of the prestigious Merlefest Mandolin contest. His contributions will be baritone and some lead singing and playing the guitar. Aaron also endorses Lebeda mandolins. He is the only person we know of to have had a pet crow.

David Wiseman plays mandolin, sings lead and soaring tenor harmonies and also plays fiddle on some songs. A journeyman musician, David has played in many numerous bands over the last 25+ years. David is also a direct descendant of the Scotty Wiseman family. His vast array of jokes will catch you unawares and completely off guard.

Perry Woodie brings many years of playing to The Linville Ridge Band. Perry sings an occasional lead and contributes harmonies. He is continually looking for material and helps a great deal with the arrangements of songs. Banjo is Perry’s main instrument but he plays a mean dobro as well. He says it bites him all the time.

Mike Ramsey rounds out the group on the upright bass. He sings lead and the occasional bass vocal on quartet Gospel numbers, Mike also contributes quite a few original songs. Being manager for The Linville Ridge Band is also part of his duties. Mike is the only member qualified to play a piece of furniture.


CD: A Road To Anywhere
Linville Mountain Music
Released March 2004

CD: Hopes and Dreams
Linville Mountain Music
Released June 2005

Set List

Sitting Alone in the Moonlight-Trio
Sugar Coated Love-David
Head Over Heels– David
Take Me Back-Mike
Grave Could Not Hold Him-Perry
Leaves That Are Green-Aaron
East Virginia Blues-Aaron
Rose of Kentucky-David Fiddle
Never Again-Perry

Crossing the Red Sea
Hot Burrito Breakdown
Clinch Mountain
Sally Goodin-fiddle
Old Joe Clark-fiddle
Old Dangerfield

Green Eyed Girl-Mike
The Blue Road-Perry
Road to Anywhere-Mike
Dark Holler-Perry
Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me-David
For My Sins-Mike
Cry From the Cross-Mike
Dark Days & Desperation-Aaron
Lonesome Soul-Mike
Doing My Time-Aaron
Back to Dixie-David
Rather Die Young-David
I’ve Lost the Will to Try-Perry
Why He Went to Calvary-Aaron
Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down-Aaron
On that Shore-Aaron
Somehow Tonight-David

Big Country
Jesse James

Big Spike Hammer-David
Handsome Molly-Aaron
Think of What You’ve Done-Mike
Love & Wealth-Perry
Harvest Time-Aaron
Rosa Lee-Perry
Blue Ridge Cabin Home-Aaron