The Lion Hearts, A Bob Marley Tribute Band

The Lion Hearts, A Bob Marley Tribute Band

 Ronkonkoma, New York, USA

Bob Marley Tribute Band
Sounds like a cross between Hendrix and Clapton playing all of Bobs songs..
Great for Festivals and College gigs


Wayne Batchelor-Bass

Bill Mignoli-Vocals and Guitar

Adrian Ippolito is versatile drummer active in all styles, yet always returns to the island sound, especially the music of Bob Marley. For the last twelve years he has been playing with a calypso/soca group in the Hamptons of Long Island each summer. The rest of the year he plays Jazz, Blues, Rock, Latin and anything else he can sink his sticks into. His love of reggae has been inspired by Carly and Family Man Barrett, the rhythm section engine which drove Bob Marley’s songs. ‘Ipp’ as his friends call him considers it an honor to play in a band which is bringing Bob Marley’s music live to new generations of reggae fans.


Jah Live

Written By: Bob Marley

jah live
Children yeah
Jah Jah live children yeah

The truth is an offence
But not a sin
Is he who laugh last,children
Is he who win
Is a foolish dog
Bark at the flying bird
One sheep must learn,children
To respect the shepherd

Jah live
Children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah

Fool say in their heart
Rasta your God is dead
But I and I know,Jah Jah
Dread it shall be Dreader Dread

Jah Live children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah

Let jah arise
Now that the enemies are scattered
Let Jah arise
The enemies,the enemies are scattered

Jah Live children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah

Set List

Rastaman Vibration
Wake Up and Live
Get Up Stand Up
War /No More Trouble
Them Belly Full
The Heathen
Zion Train
Running Away/Crazy Baldheads
Concrete Jungle
Jah Live
I Shot the Sheriff
Bad Card
We and Dem
Real Situation
Natural Mystic
Burnin and Lootin (Curfew)
Rebel Music
Midnight Ravers
Lively Up Yourself
No Woman No Cry
Small Axe
Redemption Song (band version)
Trenchtown Rock
Coming In From The Cold
Forever Loving Jah
Slave Driver/Kinky Reggae
Pimpers Paradise