The Lion of Tallasi

The Lion of Tallasi

 Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Lyrically focused folk music, sometimes accompanied by a band, who occasionally play very fast while I scream. The music is most often compared to a cross between early Bob Dylan and Bright Eyes.


Matt Howard is a musician currently residing in Norman, Oklahoma.

His latest musical project, The Lion of Tallasi, combines thoughtful lyrics and ear-catching melodies with acoustic guitar and harmonica. On his debut album "God, Love, and Death", he has expanded his sound to include bass, drums, and gorgeous harmonies.


My True Love

Written By: Matt Howard

Oh my darling I've got you on my mind
I wait for you here through these long dark nights
And I would wait a million more
to see you just once walk through my door
to hold you again

Oh my darling I've got your love in my heart
I will keep it there always it never shall part
and though time and distance may come and go
and spring gives way to dark winters cold
I need you to know

No matter how long you must stay gone my true love I wait for thee

Oh my darling my future is clear
I have no doubt I have no fear
I see my path it's straight and true
and know it will always lead to you
for all my days

But oh my darling if you must leave
won't you pluck out my heart and take it with thee
anywhere you care to go
through sun, rain, wind and snow
I need you to know

No matter how long you must stay gone, my true love I wait for thee


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