The Lions Rampant

The Lions Rampant


Blues-infused, garage-brewed, rock 'n roll. The Lions Rampant are a raucous three man musical machine bent upon returning the fun to rock 'n roll. Dressing up in lion suits, delivering high-energy, smart, non-slop garage rock--the Lions Rampant are taking the Midwest music scene by storm.


Nominated by the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards for:

Best Rock Band
New Artist of the Year

WOXY: Lounge Act performers

Entertainment Weekly: "Rising Artist"

Meet The Lions Rampant. In addition to many other things, the trio are a raucous hairball of unfettered energy, mauling the local music scene and dragging it right back where it belongs: in your face. And for no additional charge, they'll let you pet them.

Thanks to the slick, bawdy nature of MacKenzie's songwriting, each song is free from overdone production. In fact, too much planning would undoubtedly sour the pride's chemistry and imitable spontaneity.

The Lions Rampant sound is R&R at its most raw and impulsive, but it's by no means Slop Rock. If you need a genre, this one fits in the "Garage Rock" bin, but the songs are crisply melodic and wildly soulful. The players dig deep into the dirty, Blues-on-fire groove and inhabit the songs, which are tightly-knitted, belying Garage Rock's rep for being messy. The Lions write, essentially, Pop songs and drench them in their swampy, moldy aura.

MacKenzie's guitar sound is perfect for the songs; the tone and the vocals recall Mudhoney at the height of their power.

It's hard to be distinct in a field where everyone sounds like they're trying to replicate records from 40 years ago. But the Lions' have an energized yet graceful and more compact vision, and that makes Play Rock N Roll stand out like a flower blossoming from a sidewalk crack.

Radio play:
WAIF - 88. 3 FM
WRFL - 88.1 FM
Bearcast Radio
Mottey's Garage Podcast


"Half Woman, Half Alcohol" EP released Jan. 2007

"The Lions Rampant Play Rock N Roll" EP released Sept. 2007

Set List

We play for 40 minutes, very high energy, without long breaks between songs. We have been known to play a cover or two, but Nick likes our songs to much to let it become a habit.

All Night Long R&R
Cocaine Anne
You Call This a Party
Unfinished Business
She Loves You
New Mantra
Shotgun Shells
Cigarettes & Gin