the liquidaires

the liquidaires


the tunes are singable.the grooves are danceable. we take the sounds that are around us and put them into pot, stir it and try to add the right seasoning to get a sound we call our own. we're inspired by the way music ignores colour and creed and constantly renews itself through collaboration.


The Liquidaires were formed in the wake of the Wilson Brothers involvement in Toronto’s ska scene in the early nineties. Chris' explorations into the music of Trinidad (he has played in Caribana parades, soca bands, as is member of the Silhouettes Steel Orchestra), and Jeff’s participation local ensembles such as the Arabic-inspired Masa Meze and the Yiddish-derived Shakshuka further broaden their sphere of influence. They now weave tapestries that owe inspiration to Cumbia, Salsa, Bhangra, Dancehall, and American Funk and Rhythm and Blues, "liquefying" these diverse sounds to produce works all their own.


full length recordings include,

"meeting place" 2004
"lookin' up" 2002
"complicated love" 2000

Set List

Sancha (instrumental calypso)
Won’t be the
same boy (old skool calypso)
The Trial (lovers rock reggae)
Lift me up (funk/hiphop)
Strangers (funk/soul)
The Big Switch (calypso)
That music (cumbia/salsa)
Ain’t gonna do it (ska)
Hallelujah (jump ska-Ray Charles cover)
Music man (soca)

Say you will (west african)
Enjoy yerself (calypso cover of swing tune)
Shining star (funk/hiphop)
Move on (funk)
Day after day (Cajun funk)
Prayer (gospel funk)
Sunlight (ska)
Meeting place (Cajun funk)
Come back d. (old skool ska)
There’s a place (soca)