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The Liquid Scene

San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Psychedelic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Hermit Rambles"

"Keeping the spirit of psychedelia alive we have The Liquid Scene with a track from their 2014 debut cd 'Revolutions.' 'The Mystery Machine,' the third track on the cd, uses acoustic percussion instruments to set the tone for a piece that combines modern production techniques with bodhi's haunting vocals to create a memorable soundscape without in any way abandoning its late 60s roots. I like this one more every time I hear it." -

"The Liquid Scene - "The Mystery Machine""

“The Mystery Machine” is a trippy, psychedelic track from San Francisco indie-rock band The Liquid Scene. The song infuses Middle Eastern and sub-continental Asian sounds to create a hazy, buzzy experience. The track could be the outcome of a George Harrison and Ravi Shankar collaboration (and maybe it is).

The single is from their pretty cool debut album, Revolutions. “The Mad Potter of Biloxi” is another inter-continental track, although it has hints of southern rock as well as psych-rock. The opening single, “The Other Side of the Sun”, isn’t quite like Pink Floyd, but it is a terrific, uptempo psychedelic tune that is a little proggy.

“Which Side of Time Are You On?” is a mid-tempo number but the story told by the quartet is pretty entertaining. It could be a song about space travel or just being lost in a haze, which this album does to you. “Hey Moondog” is an aptly named song. Creating a dreamy feel as if you are walking in space, the track, arguably the highlight, resonates with the psychedelia of the late ’60s and early ’70s. The Byrds would be proud.

Revolutions is out now. Pick it up at their Bandcamp site, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

“The Mystery Machine” is on the March 13th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a weekly playlist of some of the best new music from the indie world. It’s below along with “In My Water Room” and the video for “Letterbox”. - The Revue

"The Hermit Rambles!"

"This week marks the debut of a new feature on Stuck in the Psychedelic Era that I'm calling Advanced Psych (at least until I think of something better). This occasional feature will showcase bands that, although technically fall outside of the era itself (roughly 1964-70), are consistent with the general concept of the show itself. The idea is to encourage new artists that are doing their best to keep the spirit of the psychedelic era alive and to recognize the contributions of various neo-psychedelic bands that have come and gone over the past 45 years. This week we feature a track from Liquid Scene, a San Francisco band led by Becki diGregorio, a multi-instrumentalist (check out the sitar work) who writes and sings lead vocals on all the band's material. Feel free to give me some feedback on this week's Advanced Psych track, the six and a half minute long Hey Moondog (See The God Of Odin Come) from the band's debut CD, Revolutions. I'll be posting a picture of the cover on the Stuck in the Psychedelic Era Facebook page as well. Personally, I think it's pretty cool stuff." - Stuck In The Psychedelic Era #1514 (

"Ther Hermit Rambles!"

"This week's Advanced Psych track is the opening tune from Liquid Scene's debut CD Revolutions. The Other Side Of The Sun is, put simply, a catchy tune with an infectious guitar riff that nicely sets the stage for the rest of the album. Last time I played something from Revolutions I mistakenly identified it as being released in 2015. I have since discovered that the album actually came out in December of 2014. Much thanks to producer/engineer Vince Sanchez at VSO Productions for making me aware of this fine CD." - Stuck In The Psychedelic Era #1517 (

"Waxtrax Radio Album Review"

"On Waxtrax Radio I very seldom play unsigned artists and actually only have two in rotation but every once in awhile I run across something that sounds so awesome it needs its place on Waxtrax Radio.

Sitting high atop a mountain in southwestern Colorado I am turned on to the band The Liquid Scene and their album Revolutions.

Phones on, volume cranked.

I hit play on the 1st track The Other Side Of The Sun and am surprisingly brought back to the 60s 70s era with a Jefferson Airplane kinda feel right from the start. Awesome vocals and a flashback to what sounds like a top hit on the charts back in the days.

Moving on to the track Letterbox, awesome flowing guitar and sets a nice steady chill atmosphere throughout.

The Mystery Machine starts off with great percussions and a nice bottom end filled with many background fillers, as the whole album is artfully crafted giving the album a very rich, full experience to the listeners. I really dig this song and its whole vibe. Very good use of instruments and sounds involved here.

The Mad Potter Of Biloxi starts off with some nice flowing guitar picking and holds a nice steady bass line throughout. Enjoyed the backwards tracking sounds etc.. with the vocals as well on this one.

Leave Me Here starts off very melodic almost as if a hint of the sounds you may get from the band Rush and the song "Trees" and once again as so many tracks on this album lead you down that wonderful peace path of flowing guitars and vocals. I really enjoyed the break at about 4 minutes into the song expanding your mind and sweeping you away till the end on that mystical journey.

Which Side of Time Are You On?? has that nice uplifting feeling and really enjoyed the keys inserted on this one. Leaves you with that feeling you are going back in time or ahead in time either way you get the feeling with their creative use of sounds you are actually experiencing a ride of a lifetime, one you may not want to come back from . Lets keep the jams on this LP flowing.

Moving on to Love Was Here, once again great percussions in the intro proceeded by some great harmonies leading into a nice flowing tune.

Hey Moondog has that Status Quo kinda feel and sound, great rhythms nice flowing melodies & loved the psychedelic sounds! Seems as if this 6 plus minute song flew by in no time.

In My Water Room. Being a huge fan of the sitar this tune took me in right from the start! Awesome sounds, great sitar and a nice flowing bass line and strikes those positive frequencies needed for mind expansion.

I loved every ounce of this super hallucinogenic hayride album by The Liquid Scene entitled Revolutions and suggest anyone with a progressive, psychedelic rock, folk influence in their collection pick this one up! Great recording , excellent use of dynamics and a must to listen with headphones. Dig the concept and originality of this band, although I hear many of my favorite influences here they definitely have the originality it takes to set themselves apart from the norm.

My hats off and thanks to the band on a great creation of sounds and a friendly addition to the Waxtrax Radio playlist as every song has been added on this one.

I had a hard time choosing tracks to be played and really honestly enjoyed them all and found them all so fitting to the sounds Iʼm spinning on the station.

Letʼs get these guys a record deal!

Check out The Liquid Scene at and make sure to add this one to your collection!" - Waxtrax Radio


"Becki diGregorio's 'seven worthies of the bamboo grove' intermeshes guitars and keyboards - some provided by XTC's Dave Gregory - to create a thrilling haze of retroscented sounds through which her Grace Slickisms plunge and soar."

~ Joe Cushley - MOJO Magazine, UK

"The Continuing Beatification of Becki diGregorio"

Becki diGregorio has graced us with a new album, "God's Empty Chair."

Grace. That's right.

Grace as in beauty, as in right, as in mercy.

Grace as in a short prayer before eating.

Grace as in Slick, which really brings us to the point: this young lady can sing the hind leg off any well constructed quadruped you might care to name, as one listen to "Supplication" will show. Tenderness and warmth suffuse her delivery through the whole song -- should Fate grant me a healing chantress on my deathbed, let it be this one.

The clearest advancement that Becki has made since her last offering, "Seven Worthies of the Bamboo Grove," is that she has explored and mastered the art of evocation through melody and arrangement. She uses her already established penchant for delicate modal melodic ornaments to adorn her arrangement of "Cats In The Aviary," giving the song a literal setting, an actual place in your mental landscape. Likewise with "Love Can," which is at once a tough rocker and (that modal tendency again!) calls to mind a timeless sea-chanty.

Other jewels include Becki's swirly-twirly interpretation of Andy Partridges's "Susan Revolving," a wonderful song in its own right, reminiscent of Status Quo's "Images of Matchstick Men." Becki gives it a heavy freak-rock reading, all hurdy-gurdy psychedelia, a lost Carnaby Street artyfact from circa 1967. "God's Empty Chair" is this record's Chrome-Plated Megaphone of Destiny, a soundscape during which one is enjoined against driving or operating heavy machinery.

Becki has surrounded herself with utterly impeccable musicians, from longtime collaborators John Wedemeyer and Randy Hayes (guitars and drums, respectively) to Endre Tarczy, whose keyboard work adds a complexity "Seven Worthies" lacked. Also in the mix are Lyle Workman, formerly of Bourgeois Tagg, Jellyfish, Frank Black and The Catholics, who contributes guitar and keys work, and Dave Gregory, formerly of XTC, whose elegantly mathematical guitar ennobles "Supplication" and "One Robe One Bowl."

Of this last song, it should be said that it further evidences Becki's interest in Eastern religions (she thanked the Comparative Religion Department of San Jose State University in the liner notes of "Seven Worthies"). Becki's search for truth is never far from the surface of her intensely personal songwriting. The CD cover offers an epigraph from the Zen poet Ryokan: "If you want to find the meaning, stop chasing after so many things." In a very real way, the songs on "God's Empty Chair" each explore and inform this no-mind principle: From the protective mother of "Supplication" to the opiated dreamer of "Laudanum" to Susan herself, revolving there, a new world forming inside her head, all the characters introduced by these songs inhabit a universe in which all striving is folly and solace is to be found in quietness, sanity and love.

Grace indeed, Becki.

(Harrison Sherwood wrote the liner notes to XTC's box set "Coat Of Many Cupboards") - Harrison Sherwood


"Revolutions" released in December 2014.



The Liquid Scene is best described by their motto: "Yesterday's sounds... today."

This San Francisco Bay Area group originally pooled together because of their mutual love of Sixties Psychedelic Music.  Led by singer/songwriter Becki ("bodhi") diGregorio the group has released nine powerful songs that evoke The Summer of Love, Swinging Sixties London and The Sunset Strip.  Musically they are inspired by The Pink Floyd, Traffic, Donovan, The Beatles, and a host of groups most people have never heard of.

Lead singer/songwriter Becki diGregorio plays acoustic guitars, sitar and dilruba.  She previously released two solo albums that featured contributions by XTC members Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory.  Those discs were distributed by the Jarmusic label and sold well in Europe.

Electric guitar and sonic stringed effects were handled by Tom Ayers, a certified master guitar slinger whose credits include performing and recording with Columbia Records artist Persephone's Bees, as well as recording two albums with Chuck Prophet.

Holding down the low end on bass guitar is Endre Tarczy, who also adds keyboard textures that run the gamut from ethereal to grinding.  Endre has logged many hours playing with Chris Cain, Coco Montoya, W.H.a.T. and The Beatles tribute band The White Album Ensemble.

Thundering drums and percussion are provided by Trey Sabatelli.  His credits include Todd Rundgren, Jefferson Starship and The Tubes.

The Liquid Scene invites you to join other like-minded and like-spirited luminaries of change on the retro road of love ~ because deep down you know you're old skool and that music can change the world.  It's a new dawn.  And Revolutions is here...

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