The Liras

The Liras


Your new Favorite band.


The Liras toured the east coast like a pack of wild, ravenous dogs for two years. They recorded an EP with a former "Super Friend", Charles "Roasted" Austin, played with a few of their heroes such as Sloan, The Trews and The Joel Plaskett Emergency, were invited to the East Coast Music Awards in Charlottetown PEI, narrowly escaped from the clutches of a gay biker gang, fought over girls, fought girls' boyfriends, fought girls. The Liras reside now in Toronto, Ontario and have just recently released a 2 song single which can be downloaded for free!


The Liras- 2 Song Single- January.2007

Set List

Material ranges from a fourty-five minute set to an hour and thirty minute set. Snipets of covers are mixed into original songs.