The Little Death

The Little Death

 New York City, New York, USA

"Like the original Ike & Tina Turner Revue, minus the beatings. I love them." -John Waters


The Little Death nyc is Aaron Brooks (drums), Laura Dawn (lead
vocals), Daron Murphy (guitar, bass, & harmonica) and Moby (bass,
guitar). Their sound is like a drunken bar fight between John Lee
Hooker and Kurt Weill or the desperate love-child of Big Mama
Thornton and Robert Mitchum. Old blues, soul, punk & vintage
psychedelia slamming behind songs about fucking and despair,
drunken joy and glorious dissolution, fronted by a white girl
with a voice equal parts Bessie Smith and Dusty Springfield.
Their shows (featuring backup singers Luci Butler and Corrie McCrae, aka The Death Threats) are raucous and passionate--a punk-rock fueled blues revival for hungry souls.


The Little Death (LP)