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“Take a group of six solid, talented musicians; take away a slick Hollywood image and the kind of pretentiousness that often comes from being the center of attention; add a lot of energy and dedication; and you have Little Girls. Their music is the type you keep on humming after you’ve heard it. It’s diverse, it’s plentiful, and it exhibits a wide range of ability. Oh yeah, and it’s a lot of fun, too!” - RECORD REVIEW


“The Maso sisters sound at various times like Leslie Gore and her twin sister, the Everly Brothers at 78 rpm, the Shangri-Las minus one, or a female version of the Beach Boys circa 1964. It is either because of or in spite of these associations…that I find Little Girls rather captivating. The Masos, for one thing, are better singers than most of the girl-group vocalists who have suddenly sprouted during the past several years. Their professional edge, combined with the solid support of four obviously seasoned musicians, put Little Girls one up on the competition in the girl-band or co-ed band arena.” - SAN DIEGO READER


“The driving surf-rock delivery of guitarist Kip Brown and the Collins Kids/Everly Brothers-like harmonies of vocalists Caron and Michele Maso make their six-song mini-album of originals (Thank Heaven!) one of the year’s most promising debuts.”

also from Blitz!

“Little Girls were surprised backstage after a recent performance at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood (opening for Billy Idol) with a visit from Bette Midler, a self-professed fan of the band.” - BLITZ


“Imagine the Everly Brothers as singing sisters. Little Girls are two girls and four guys playing pop-rock that occasionally ventures into tougher territory. Little Girls are probably best known, at the moment, for The Earthquake Song…The song was used last summer on the dance concert portion of American Bandstand – no small wonder, given its catchy beat and surf guitars. (Guitarist) Kip Brown sends Chuck Berry-cum-Beach Boys licks left and right.” - BAM


“Little Girls: Thank Heaven! (PVC). Caron and Michele Maso do the singing on this disc, which recalls the pre-Beatles girl group pop of the early 1960s.” - NEWSDAY


Little Girls are in the studio with a rhythm section of Clem Burke on drums and Nigel Harrison on bass, both of Blondie.” - LA WEEKLY

"Fan Letter!"

“I am a 31 year old owner of Wheatstraw Productions. I also have a large record store in Central Mall here. I grew up, in what I consider, the classic days of rock music, having seen all of the old heroes (Hendrix, Doors, Joplin, etc). Lately I have been bored with music in general. One night I was watching Hot Spots on the USA Cable Network which featured Little Girls. I must tell you that they took me by surprise with energy, dynamic stage show (different), and well constructed songs and vocal harmonies. The next day I drove 3 ½ hours to Dallas to buy their EP. It is so exciting to hear music like this that seems so ‘alive.’ Not only was I impressed with Caron & Michele Maso’s great vocals, but the entire band was so together. I was intrigued by Kip Brown’s great and different rhythm patterns. Anyway, I just wanted to wish the band luck and hope they make it big. - SAUL – TEXARKANA, TEXAS


“For a sample of the latest in Los Angeles’ fascination with girl groups, try Thank Heaven by the Little Girls. This six-song EP on PVC Records sounds tailor-made for Rodney Bingenheimer’s KROQ show. The band (two sisters on vocals plus four men backing them up) even sounds like Rodney’s idol, Annette Funicello, on its radio hit Earthquake Song.” - DAILY NEWS


Thank Heaven, EP
The Clear Album
Why Don't You Marry It?! (Scheduled for April 2006 release!)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Little Girls band was born in the pop new wave movement of the 80s and is fronted by sisters Caron & Michele Maso whose harmonies have been likened to the Everly Brothers. They have the rare synergistic quality that sets sibling acts such as the Bee Gees, The Finn Brothers & Heart apart from other groups.

While they have yet to achieve “headliner” status themselves, they have opened for many important bands, The Call, The Plimsouls, The Boomtown Rats, Billy Idol, Janis Ian, and The Pretenders to name a few. Their video, “How to Pick Up Girls” was one of the first to air on MTV.

The Little Girls’ signature hit, The Earthquake Song was the intro music for ABC-TV’s documentary, World of Discovery (Earthquakes: The Terrifying Truth) hosted by Martin Sheen, 1994. The song has been covered by The Excessories on their “Pure Pop for Punk People” CD, 2001 Sympathy for the Record Industry, and more recently by Happy Accident on their “No Clear Channel” CD, 2003 10gevrecords. The lyrics of The Earthquake Song were quoted in Bret Easton Ellis’ bestselling novel, “Less Than Zero”, Vintage Books, Random House Publishing, 1998.

The group disbanded in 1985, but reformed in 2004 for a reunion show at the Santa Monica Playhouse, Love Rocks, Feb 13, 2004. The show sold out 24 hours before the performance and planted seeds for the “rebirth” of The Little Girls. The band has recently signed with Chameleon Music, a digital distribution label out of San Francisco, CA. They are currently in the studio recording new material for a CD to be released on Chameleon Music in Fall, 2006.

The new line up:

Michele Maso Tinsley, lead vocals (original member)
Caron Maso Murray, guitars and vocals (original member)

Kip Brown, guitars and backing vocals (original member)

John Baker, bass and backing vocals
Marty Rosamond, drums

The group is currently writing and recording new material and playing shows in Los Angeles.