the Little Mountain Band

the Little Mountain Band


Little Mountain Band features four outstanding vocalists, backed by a blazing rhythm and blues band.The band recently recorded and released an astounding album of original songs, which was received with overwhelming acclaim. Just signed to Woodstock Records, they're already working on a 3rd album


>>Aaron Ziolkowski<< singer/songwriter/guitarist has the strong and unique voice that is bringing notoriety to the band. His melodic guitar licks and poignant lyrics are the focal points of his original songwriting. His inspirations include Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, and Lowell George.~~~ >

>>Donavan Cudmore<< is the bassist/singer for the band and has a constant influence on their evolving sound and improvisations. He delivers the funky baselines, solid grooves, and laid back vibe on stage. Rick Danko, Otiel Burbridge, and Kenny Gradney helped to inspire and encourage Donovan to this point.~~~ >

>>Adam Schmidt<< is LMB's keyboardist/singer. A focused musician, Adam > has studied classical piano and voice from an early age > and has studied music at the state university of New York @ Fredonia. Adam creates a wide range of sound and rhythm that transcend jazz funk psychedelia. Musical heroes include Herbie Hancock, Chic Corea, and John Medeski. ~~~ >

>>Rob Enderle<< is an extremely talented lead guitar and improve artist. Following his lead takes listeners on great journeys of emotion and joy. You can hear textures of his influences in his playing. Some of his musical influences are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Trey Anastasio, Jimi Hendrix, and Derek Trucks.~~~

>>Cory Kertzy<< The newest member of the band. Cory brings a playful style to the kit which really opens up the stage for free improvization. He lets his rhythmic soul explode for the audiance, and thats what keeps 'em dancing!!


Music to Cook By
Take the Stairs

Set List

Mostly originals, songs run from 4-15 min, we usually play two sets, one shorter set (about 1 hour) then a longer second set (1.5-2hours) influences and covers include... little feat, jerry garcia band, the band, clapton, gospal/blues/folk/jam type music