the Little Penguins

the Little Penguins


2006: A member of Seattle veterans The Turn-Ons enlisted some talented co-conspirators and they did what came naturally: record an album and take the stage. Two records later, both with KEXP airplay and press acclaim, they're working on a third with local producing sensation Erik Blood.


A member of Seattle veterans The Turn-Ons enlists some talented co-conspirators and they then do what comes naturally: record an album and take the stage.

The band self-released its debut, Welcome to the Celebration, in 2007, and supported it with regional shows and a West Coast tour. The album subsequently charted on Seattle’s KEXP 90.3 FM and earned the band a position on the station’s Northwest Music Spotlight. 2008 saw the band continuing to play throughout the Northwest and West Coast whilst writing and recording their second record, Offer You This Cape., which garnered further KEXP airplay and press attention.

Currently they are recording their third album, again with acclaimed Seattle producer Erik Blood.


...touched by the brilliant melancholy that turns a simple rock lineup into something special...Cape is an album of eerie sonic mutations, a sumptuous combination of shoegaze-y pedal work, Americana and modern cynicism. -Sara Brickner, Seattle Weekly

Amongst the list of bands I've been meaning to check out, The Little Penguins would be pretty close to the top. Led by Will Hallauer, drummer for The Turn-Ons (one of my favorite Northwest bands altogether), The Little Penguins have a straight-forward approach to pop songwriting. Hallauer's voice somewhere falls in between Bob Dylan and Morrissey's and the band's songs are catchy with an impressive lyrical depth. -Three Imaginary Girls

…Blur meets the Velvets meets Lee & Nancy with just a touch of twang. With a new album, ‘Offer You This Cape’, due at summers end, Hallauler and company are poised to be the latest hosts of the Seattle "it band" party. Ma’chell Duma LaVassar, Seattle Weekly

“The Little Penguins create a casually dramatic cocktail of straight forward pop-rock and punk, utilizing crisp indie guitars, diverse song structures…” -90.3 KEXP Seattle

The Little Penguins are an indie delight, pure and simple… that dreamy, easy Sunday afternoon car-ride sound that so many indie acts strive for and so many car commercials pay money for. -Matt Driscoll, Weekly Volcano


'Welcome to the Celebration'- 2007 (airplay and featured status on KEXP-
'Offer You This Cape'- 2008 (airplay on KEXP)

Set List

Our usual live set is 30-45 minutes, due to the venues we normally play. Set length is entirely negotiable.