The Littlest Viking

The Littlest Viking

 Los Angeles, California, USA

We're a two piece prog/punk band from Whittier CA. Tambourines, outrageous drum fills, wicked tapping, hoarse shouting, noise freakouts, salsa beats and the occasional Prince sample are a staple of any TLV live show. We're similar to Don Caballero, Piglet, American Football, Braid, and Hot Snakes.


The Littlest Viking formed in 2006 when Ruben Jessie Cortez (Guitar) and Christopher Patrick Gregory (Drums) decided to embrace their pop-punk/emo roots and meld them with energetic math-rock rhythms.  The Littlest Viking tries to play as many shows as humanly possible to in order make the masses sing along to guitar shredding and shake it to crazy art rock drumming.  The Littlest Viking has two full length LPs and a split 12 inch out on their own imprint Farewell, My Little Viking Records, previously released on Long Beach's Mountain Man Records.  They are currently recording their third album, which promises to be their most accessible work to date, due in Spring 2017.  The Littlest Viking has toured the US multiple times using the family Dodge Durango and has played official SXSW showcases twice.  


Spring 2017- LP3 - third full length, currently being recorded.

Fall 2013- Mountain Man Records Singles Club 7inch
One New Song, One Cover

The Littlest Viking - S/T LP 2012
The long-awaited second full-length from Los Angeles, CA's the Littlest Viking. Physical copies packaged in 2-layer screenprinted, custom die-cut sleeves w/ a semi-transparent vellum insert. Digital download included. Recorded by Jay Pellici at Tiny Telephones Studios and David Benitez at C+C Music Factory. Mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden. also available on iTunes. Released on Mountain Man Records.

The Littlest Viking - Labor & Lust LP - 2009
Our debut full length LP, lovingly entitled "Labor & Lust", is now available on colored vinyl through mail order at or at shows. 10 songs. 37 minutes, 38 seconds. Recorded at Infrasonic Studios and C+C Music Factory by Dave and Pete from June '08 -January '09. Cover art by Liz. Released on Mountain Man Records. MMR02

Set List

Slap Bracelet Wounds
Give Me Motorhead
Joe the Actor
My Little Brony
Lumpy Space Princess
Jock Jams Vol. 4
I'm Queer for James Iha
Theme From Magnum PI
Free Metal Pat
Bob Golic '79