The Living Arches

The Living Arches

 Tampa, Florida, USA

THE LIVING ARCHES conjure an alchemical brew of electrified-acoustica; a traveling sideshow of retired lovers, musings on time travel, sparkling carnival delights and the eccentricities of life.
Sway, darlings, sway...


The Living Arches are:
Jensen Kistler and Micheal Hooker.
The two met one spring evening of 2010 at Hooker's loft; she liked his speaking voice and had an inkling that a bottle of Red Zinfandel could tempt him into singing with her.
She was correct...

Both band members are Florida Natives which does impact their sound. Tampa Florida (where they are currently based), is a curious amalgam of swamp land, First Nation history, Cuban culture and home of the "Rum&Coke with Lime". The Living Arches' songwriting often incapsulates the sense of how sharing space in a community of transient people; on vacation or retiring, can dampen the soul and create a yearning to expand outward and beyond the confines of a tourist trap.

As stated in a local indie music review: "The centerpiece of their songs are their winding boy-girl vocal harmonies". Micheal's simple use of the melodica is a hint of her bohemian imagery, a longing for the streets of 19th century Paris or the Czech Republic..while, Kistler's guitar rhythms keep the melancholy of the palm frond woods they were raised by with the occasional nod to his punk-rock background.

Townes Van Zandt, Patsy Cline, Nick Drake, Loretta Lynn, Billie Holiday, Son House fused with the contemporary ballads of Belle and Sebastian, Hope Sandoval and Bon Ivor and Blonde Redhead.


1.) 2011 "ALREADY GONE" Single

2.) 2011 The Living Arches/Golden Gardens Split

Currently recording 2 EPs with BROKEN MOLD and GREGG N. Releases TBA

Set List

Acoustic Guitar Set:
1. No Sweat: vocal harmonies(VH), keyboard
2. Ante-up: vocal harmonies
3. Feather Gloves: VH
4. Lesson Learned: VH
5. Tilt-a-Whirl: VH, Melodica
6. The BLVD: VH, Melodica
7. Right On Track: VH, Melodica
8. Doe Eyes: VH
Electric Guitar Set:
1. 500 Yrs: VH, Keys
2. Serpent and the Bird: VH, Keys
3. Tupac- VH
4. Already Gone: VH, keys